I often say that the perks of being a tech journalist are immense and my visit to Canon’s Technical Excellence Centre last week just proved that again. C-TEC or Canon – Technical Excellence Centre is a state of the art facility equipped with highly sophisticated tools, senior professionals for simulations and training, direct engineers and partners. Not only does it showcase Canon’s strong technological capabilities & long-term commitment towards Indian customer but also how it is an ongoing effort with recurring investment.

Situated in Noida, UP, India it is spread across 40,000sqft and provides world-class technical facilities to deliver technical knowhow to Canon’s vast service network. Apart from training personnel’s, CTEC has a state of the art repair center to service and repair Canon cameras, printers, projectors, copiers – under one roof. The center also provides refurbishing, regeneration of copiers & printers, refilling of toner cartridges and even recycling of products for safeguarding environment.

Canon-CTEC India

As CTEC undertakes work for all Canon products, it is segregated into 6 floors with area allotted as following –

1.      Basement – Rejuvenation

2.      Ground Floor – Demonstration and Toner Refilling Plant

3.      1st Floor – Training Centre

4.      2nd Floor – Repair Centre

5.      3rd Floor – Camera Repair Centre

6.      4th Floor – Social Responsibility

·        Rejuvenation where business process machinery brought back from the field is refurbished. In case these machines are irreparable, they are recycled or scraped as per the government norms of e-waste disposal.

·        Demonstration is where you will find the HD Photo Zone where high-end commercial products like Dream Labo, Oce & IPF Pro Printer are kept for training & demonstration purposes. There are two units of Dream Labo, Canon’s first inkjet production photo printer used for wedding photo printing, one of which is used for training purposes and one for customer demonstration and usage.

·        The Toner Refilling Plant is also situated on the ground floor as well and includes a high-tech compression Plant to maintain the quality of air. This is where used toner cartridges are refilled.

·        On the 1st Floor is the Training Centre where training is imparted to Service Engineers, BIS IDC Partner Engineer & Managers (CASE).

·        The 2nd Floor has the Repair Centre for CSP & BIS products. This is where Inkjet and laser printers (warranty or DOA cases) are taken care off. The spare parts are re-engineered and reused as well.

·        The Camera Repair Centre is situated on the 3rd Floor formed by consolidating Delhi-NCR region repair centers. The entire range of Canon DSLR, lenses, projector and broadcasting cameras are repaired on this floor. This is also where you will find Asia’s largest dark room, measuring 33m in length and covering an area of 2192 sq feet. Also, Lens adjustment of Up to 800mm can be carried out in this room.

·        In order to conserve energy, the CSR or Social Responsibility floor has a series of solar panels installed on the rooftop. Along with RO plants for water purification and LED lights to save power consumption, thus playing its part for sustainable development.

It isn’t easy to put in words how grandeur the whole establishment is, but I can tell you that improves and synergizes service network by aggregating all product research, training, and other infrastructure under one roof for Canon. And it helps reduce overall operation cost by up to 42 percent.


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