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Make your wishes fly with Lufthansa ‘Diwali Surprise’


It’s seldom that you watch something so heartwarming that you totally relate to it and get tears of joy in your eyes. Today, I watched this video of a granddaughter, surprising her grandfather on Diwali and I had my moment of revelation. Watch it before I say more:

You’d be lying if you say it didn’t touch your heart someway or the other. I still get goose bumps every time I watch it and all I want to do is go to my grandma and hug her tight. I simply miss being with her, the way she used to cook something special every evening, or give me head massages, or talk about her school days so vividly. Above all, I miss the Diwali celebrations we all used to have together. Diwali for has never been the same as it was in my childhood, now the distance seems even further and we hardly get to meet. But no matter what I always be my grandparents ‘lil girl whose smile lit them up 🙂

But this Diwali, this lil girl wants to surprise her grandma and go meet her in the US. I know it’s not going to be easy to get away from work and daily chores but they have done so much for me… this is the least I can do! Luckily I already have a visa for the USofA till 2016 so all I’ve to do, is find the best deals on tickets around Diwali and fly. I’ll make sure that my uncle and aunt keep my secret so that grandma will get the most pleasant surprise!

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited already! I have to make so many lists, from what clothes to keep to what to buy for every there. I also want to take some spices from here so that I can cook authentic Indian food and show my newly acquired cooking skills to grandma 😀

What else? Oh I’ve to buy the jutti’s grandma used to love wearing, and some papads, pickles. Frankly the list is endless, so I’ll keep making a note of everything that I am reminded of. It’s like a dejavu feeling all over again when I’m feeling nostalgic and excited at the same time. I’ll be making rangoli just like grandma taught me when I was in school and see the smile on her face 🙂


Diwali the festival of light and happiness is truly the best time to be the family and I’ll leave no stone unturned this time. At the same time I’ll urge everyone reading this post to try and be with their family this Diwali. We all might make excuses that there is no time or we won’t get leaves etc but who are we kidding? You have to take out time for everything, be it for movies, your gym or anything else.

There will be folks out there who would think it’s impossible to travel that far or for that matter any distant to be with their family. But let me tell you – Miracles do happen! Make your wishes fly with Lufthansa ‘Diwali Surprise’: Lufthansa India



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