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Enable Facebook VoIP to make free calls worldwide

Last time around we wrote about how to make free calls to your Facebook friends in the US. This time we take it a notch higher and teach you how to activate VoIP on your Facebook iOS App. As, Facebook is currently dabbling in this technology, as is clear from the rollout of the VoIP feature within Facebook Messenger for iOS, but if your area has not yet been supported officially yet you wish to unlock and use the calling feature, there’s jailbreak tweak for that! 

Installing the aptly entitled “Enable Facebook VoIP” is incredibly simple. Just install via the BigBoss repo (a default within Cydia provided you haven’t opted to remove it), and then head over to Settings and activate it.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, you’re not quite there yet. In order to actually hold a VoIP chat with your Facebook Messenger buddies on iOS, they will have to be running a version of Facebook Messenger featuring the VoIP feature. If, like you, their version of Facebook Messenger doesn’t yet include VoIP, they too will have to be jailbroken and have this tweak installed. If your buddies aren’t as into their jailbreaking as you are, this could render the tweak pretty redundant, but considering this hidden feature does facilitate calls that are free of charge, you may want to try and persuade them to put in the effort.
The enabling of the hidden VoIP feature works for both iOS 5 and iOS6, so whether you find cellular calls too expensive, or are simply just curious, please check Enable Facebook VoIP over at the BigBoss repo.

Please make sure you are in WiFi zone or you have unlimited data plan if you don’t want an exuberating bill at the end of the month as VoIP takes a lot of data usage.

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