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Nikon launches new COOLPIX cameras with 83x Optical Zoom Power and Advanced Shooting Controls


Nikon India today announced the COOLPIX Spring Series 2015. The new additions to Nikon’s comprehensive line-up of compact cameras offers pure photography pleasure and are designed to impress and inspire.

From ultra high-power zoom like never before, to staying in touch all times, to relive your adventures to record every adrenaline pumping moment to ultimate in pocket-sized versatility, Nikon’s new COOLPIX line-up is equipped with impressive features every photographer always aspired for. These compact, trendy-looking cameras pack a punch with exciting colors and hues and offer versatile options to capture life from new perspectives.

On the announcement, Mr. Hiroshi Takashina, Managing Director, Nikon India states, “We are highly elevated with our new COOLPIX Spring Series 2015. The latest models have competences to make your photos truly unique, and are ideal for every occasion. A photographer can reach the ultimate heights with zoom capabilities up-to 83x with COOLPIX P900. It offers limitless possibilities for what users can capture and instantly share, it can literally take you to the moon and back.  The new range is always ready and stretches the limits of portability and simplicity so you never miss a shot”. He added’ “Targeted at youth, hobbyists and photography aspirants, this vibrant collection is a bundle of fun to fit in the palm of your hand and delivers excellent image quality”.

Mr. Sajjan Kumar, Vice President – Imaging Division, Nikon India, says, “Customers today look for technological superiority in compact design and the latest COOLPIX Spring Series 2015 addresses that precise need. A ‘must-have’ to capture precious moments of life, each of these cameras is designed to offer remarkable clarity, easy operability, portability and best image quality together. The compact and portable size makes these cameras ideal to have on-hand, to capture all significant and everyday moments of life.”

The new line-up includes 12 new models with 38 color variants in the Performance, Style, Lifestyle, and All Weather series. The latest COOLPIX P series models are equipped with the zoom which can take you to the moon and back. COOLPIX P900 delivers the highest zoom in its class with 83x optical zoom (24mm -2000mm equivalent in 35mm format) and 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom*1 (approximately 4000mm equivalent in 35mm format), enabling you the power to get up close and personal with the most distant objects. The back zoom function help capture moving subjects and side zoom control minimizes camera shake while zooming. The COOLPIX P610comes packed with 60x optical zoom and 120x Dynamic Fine Zoom*1 it’s one of the smallest and most portable device with an astounding ultra high-power zoom matched with the versatile vari-angle monitor and Dual Detect Optical Vibration Reduction (VR), getting perfect shots at different angles is now a breeze.

The S series goes a notch higher in performance with the COOLPIX S9900, COOLPIX S7000, COOLPIX S6900, COOLPIX S3700, COOLPIX S2900, and COOLPIX S33, a perfect array of portability, simplicity, dynamism and style. For spectacular, vibrant and sharp pictures, theCOOLPIX S9900 is the answer to photographers who demand extraordinary images and high-powered zoom, wrapped in a sophisticated, modern design. The COOLPIX S7000 is the world’s lightest design*2 in its class, the compact 16.0-megapixel COOLPIX S7000 packs a surprisingly powerful 20x optical zoom that lets you get up close and personal. It’s delightfully quick on its feet too, with short response times that help you capture every candid moment. New video features let you create coo-worthy videos your inner filmmaker will be proud of. The COOLPIX S6900 a handy gadget to take self-portraits or a compact camera for your next adventure, zoom in on the COOLPIX S6900. Designed with a vari-angle touch screen monitor, it lets you take a range of pictures, from quirky selfies to breathtaking landscapes at various angles, effortlessly. TheCOOLPIX S3700 is the perfect pocket-sized companion that delivers spectacular photos without hassle and flaunts 20.1 effective megapixels, 8x optical zoom (25mm – 200mm equivalent in 35mm format), and 16x Dynamic Fine Zoom*1 (approximately 400mm equivalent in 35mm format) in a high performance NIKKOR lens. The COOLPIX S2900 is so slim that it slides right into your pocket without weighing you down and so stylish that you can’t wait to take it out and show it off as your favorite accessory. Its Special Effects and Quick Effects let you bring out the best in every photo, so you’ll always enjoy pictures that will put a smile on your face. COOLPIX S33 allows thrill-seekers to focus more on their shot and less on their gear. Waterproof, shockproof, and resistant to dust and cold, the S33 is always ready to endure the elements of any family outing.

Living up to the name, the latest L series gives users the power to easily capture life’s precious moments in incredible detail with the COOLPIX L840, COOLPIX L340 and COOLPIX L31. The COOLPIX L840 is a powerful, multi-functional camera flaunting an impressive 38x optical zoom and 76x Dynamic Fine Zoom*1 along with NFC-support*3 and built-in Wi-Fi®*2 and achieves superior quality pictures even in low light situations. The COOLPIX L340 is a petite powerhouse and dynamic device in a compact, highly portable size sporting a mighty 20.2 megapixels, and 28x optical zoom. With the indispensable Vibration Reduction (VR) feature, your pictures will look sharp and clear, delivering memories that look even better than you remember them. The COOLPIX L31 is a compact, user-friendly 16.1-megapixel camera, perfectly capable of capturing a pocket full of memories.

The highly-acclaimed All-Weather series has the new COOLPIX AW130, which takes you to extreme. It’s a tough camera that boasts a rugged design and solid construction enabling high performance in land or water. Waterproofing up to a depth of approximately 30m and compliance with the Advanced Open Water (AOW) certification, makes it a handy diving companion. Additionally, the AW130 can survive a drop of approximately 2.1m, resist cold temperatures down to -10°C and supports instant sharing with NFC-support*3 and built-in Wi-Fi®*2.

Pricing and Availability:

The stylish and vibrant COOLPIX collection now has 14 models with the addition of 12 new models with 38 color variants in the Spring Series 2015. All 14 COOLPIX models are available across pan India. The newly added models are:


1.       COOLPIX P900, available in Black color  at an MRP of INR 29,950

2.       COOLPIX P610, available in Black and Red Color at an MRP of INR 23,950


1.       COOLPIX S9900, available in Black and Silver color at an MRP of INR 18,950

2.       COOLPIX S7000, available in Black, White, Gold, Pink at an MRP of INR 11,450

3.       COOLPIX S6900, available in Black, White and Pink color at an MRP of INR 11,950

4.       COOLPIX S3700, available in Silver, Black, Red, Pink, Blue and Designer Blue at an MRP of INR7,450

5.       COOLPIX S2900, available in Silver, Black, Red, Purple and Decorative purple at an MRP of INR 6,450

6.       COOLPIX S33, available in White, Blue and Pink color at an MRP of INR 6,950


1.       COOLPIX L840, available in Black, Red and Plum color at an MRP of INR 15,950

2.       COOLPIX L340, available in Black color at an MRP of INR 11,950

3.       COOLPIX L31, available in Silver, Black, Red and Purple color at an MRP of INR 4,990


1.       COOLPIX AW130, available in Black, Blue, Orange and Green color at an MRP of INR 17, 950

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