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ITC Infotech introduces ‘Sustainability Solution’ for Fashion Retail Organizations


ITC Infotech, a specialized global full service technology solutions provider, today announced the launch of “Sustainability solution” for the fashion retail industry. This innovative solution will address the fashion retail industry’s increasing demand for sustainable offerings while reducing their adverse impact on the environment.

Developed by ITC Infotech’s expert Product lifecycle management (PLM) team, the product is built on the PLM platform and designed to make the entire process of sustainability scoring seamless – right from product design to commercialization. It will enable fashion retail organizations standardize sustainability measurements for brands, products and facilities, and provide visibility into product designs and developmental processes with corresponding measurable sustainability scores.

Commenting on the need for this solution, Ms. Sushma Rajagopalan, CEO & MD, ITC Infotech, said, “By measuring sustainability performance, fashion retailers can address inefficiencies, resolve damaging practices, and prove to investors and customers that they are a green business. Through this solution, we will enable our partners to measure their environmental impact and meet important sustainability challenges through strategic responses that result in business optimization.”


While talking about the value preposition, Mr. V. Sreenivasan, President – Lines of Business, ITC Infotech, said, “Our solution can help fashion retailers make greener decisions at every stage of product development. By choosing more sustainable material, processes and working with the right suppliers to create environment friendly products, we are positive that the solution will immensely benefit our clients.”

Being a strategic partner to the Fortune 500 companies, ITC Infotech realizes its customers need an effective tool to measure their environmental impact; and sustainable solutions are increasingly becoming an important business strategy for the retail industry. Built over a period of four months, the solution will provide real time comparison of target vs actual sustainability score, identify product sustainability levels through colour codes, and filter the products based on compliance to targets.



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