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Facebook’s Workplace Chat app now available for everyone


Facebook’s Slack competitor, Workplace chat app was announced last year in Beta and the app is open to everyone and is available for Desktop, Android, and iOS. You can head to this page and download the App. Also, the Workplace chat app has been updated with new design and look. Also, the company said that they will roll out group video chat in the coming weeks.

Workplace is a platform where members of the organization collaborate and communicate with each other on a regular basis. Currently, Workspace is used by 30,000 organizations worldwide, more than double the number of organizations on our platform in April. More than 1,000,000 groups have been created on Workplace to help teams work better together. As the platform is now open to everyone, the number of organization adopting should go up in coming weeks. Facebook's Workplace Chat appWorkplace Chat has always had mobile and browser platform, and they’ve added a desktop app. With the desktop app, people can access the same features of the mobile app directly from their desktop. Workplace Chat includes video chat with a co-worker or group, screen sharing, and file sharing. It also includes features like message reactions, @mentions, and gifs that keep the conversation fun but focused. All the apps across all platforms will come with a new, fresh, consistent look and feel.

Some of the UI changes include:

  • Icon updates and larger Like, Comment and Share buttons that are easier to tap
  • Circular profile pictures to show who’s posting or commenting
  • Larger link previews to make them easier to read
  • Increased color contrast to the typography so it’s more legible
  • Smoother interactions to make Workplace more intuitive
  • New illustrations in places like group headers

To provide a better navigation, the company has updated the group bookmarks layout, so the groups you use most are easy to find. When you hover over someone’s name to find more information, you’ll now see if they’re online and where they sit in your org chart. And to make the Workplace apps easier to find on your phone, we’ll update the app icon color to the Workplace grey.

What platform do you use to communicate in your organization? Drop a comment t and let u know, follow us on Twitter for more news and updates.




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