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Loki Foundation registered as Australia’s first Privacy Not-For-Profit organization


Melbourne-based Loki, the privacy network which will allow users to transact and communicate privately and anonymously over the internet, has become Australia’s first privacy software not-for-profit organization. Registered as the LAG Foundation Ltd with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), the Loki Foundation financially supports the development of privacy technologies and helps educate everyday people in Australia and beyond on ways to have more control over their data.Loki FoundationLoki Foundation uses blockchain technology to support a community of developers building a suite of software and online applications which aim to enhance digital privacy. Among them is a secure and anonymous decentralized private messenger, a new type of onion routing network to protect internet traffic, and a range of SNApps, or Service Node Applications which will be the third party developed privacy-centric apps on its network. The Loki network will facilitate anonymous browsing, transactions, and communications online, at a time where privacy remains a constant concern.

Simon Harman, Co-founder and Project Lead, Loki said: “The internet is perpetually swamped by security and privacy challenges. We hope to make a difference by advancing decentralised privacy and security tools for the general public to access. With the ACNC’s governance standards as a benchmark, we look forward to championing greater security and privacy online in Australia with stronger accountability and support from the Loki community and beyond.”

Tim Norton, Chairman of Digital Rights Watch Australia added: “The recently passed Assistance and Access Bill 2018 demonstrates that Australians must look to new technologies to secure their digital rights to privacy and raise the cybersecurity standards for the next generation. As the community of privacy technologists continues to grow and innovate, Australia and the world can look forward to a new wave of networks and tools that will protect basic rights to privacy and build a more secure future for all.”

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