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LG Velvet Dual Screen – Double the Productivity, Double the Fun!

There is no doubt that the LG G8X ThinQ Dual has been one of the best devices of 2020 and took productivity to another level with its dual-screen. Truth to be told, it came in really handy for me during the lockdown and helped me enjoy content more and at the same time be more productive at work. And just when I thought LG has delivered its best device ever, they surprised with the LG Velvet Dual Screen.
The LG Velvet has all the goodness of the LG G8x ThinQ but with more finesse making it an even more drool-worthy smartphone. With the Velvet Dual Screen, LG continues to offer more for less – making it the most feature-rich smartphone at the most competitive price.

LG Velvet Dual Screen Gaming
So, lets straight delve into the features of the LG Velvet Dual Screen –

1) Dual Screen – The most unique feature has to the Dual Screen feature that a user can add or remove as per the need. There is not even a single smartphone maker that has taken this approach to dual-screen smartphones. Once you get to used to the dual-screen experience by LG it’s hard to let go. For me, it has been the pinnacle of the smartphone experience. The fact that I could do so much more than usual makes me easily recommend LG Velvet smartphone to one and all. The immersive 6.8” P-OLED display with a 3rd Arc design adds to the ergonomics and premiumness of the smartphone.

2) Advance Camera Features – The cameras on the LG Velvet have a refreshing and beautiful rain droplet design. It is a triple camera system shaped like droplets with a flash alongside. The camera setup includes – 48MP, 8MP and a 5MP sensor along with the flash right under the camera module. The camera also includes Creators specific videos that help create compelling content with ASMR Recording, Bokeh Mode, Manual and many more. As a content creator, I really loved these features, and you would see how I used them in my upcoming videos on our YouTube channel.

3) 3D Sound Audio – And once you have captured great videos or want to watch your favourite content on the dual-screen you need a great set of speakers and tuning. LG has made sure you get the best of audio experience in all 3 modes – speakers, wired headphones, and even wireless headphones. Not only can you tune the audio as per your need with the help of equalizer settings but also enable signature LG 3D Sound Audio to experience immersive sound.

4) 4300mAh Battery – Since LG Velvet Dual Screen powers two identical displays. LG has made sure it gets all the power thanks to the massive 4300mAh battery and AI Power Management. And since the LG Velvet comes with both Fast Charging and Wireless Charging, there should be no problem charging it back in a jiffy once it needs charging.

5) 2TB Storage – Yes you read it right, the LG Velvet is one of those rare phones that support up to 2 Terabytes of storage. So that translates to never-ending storage for you to enjoy on the LG Velvet Dual Screen.

There is more – Stereo Speakers, LG 3D Sound Engine, HDR10 / IP68 Water and Dust Resistance, Qualcomm Quick Charge™ 4+, MIL-STD 810G Compliance, LG Pay, FM Radio, In-Display Fingerprint Sensor and more. Well, there is so much more than the LG Velvet Dual Screen offers that we can go on and on about it. But don’t worry we made an entire video talking about the LG Velvet Dual Display for our YouTube Channel.

You can watch our video of the Velvet Dual Screen to learn about all its box contents, features, specs and camera samples.

So do let us know what do you think of the LG Velvet Dual Screen smartphone in the comments section below or tweet to us @theunbiasedblog

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