Facebook announces Blood Donation tool

Facebook announces Blood Donation tool for World Blood Donor Day. With this, they have aimed to inspire users to donate blood and seek necessary information. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the feature has become more relevant, with an increasing need for blood and restricted supply due to limitations of lockdown. 

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There has been a shift in blood banks and hospitals employing digital ways to meet their blood requirements. Facebook says that with this new Blood Donation feature, blood banks across India have been able to connect with voluntary donors and schedule appointments for them to donate and deal with the shortage of blood supply (while ensuring they limit the number of people at any given time in their premises to practice safe distancing). This service has already helped increase voluntary blood donations by allowing people to sign up to receive notifications from local blood donor centres near them with opportunities to donate blood. 

Using this feature is fairly simple too, as users would just need to follow the steps mentioned below-

  • People can sign up to be blood donors on Facebook by going to Blood Donations in the “About” section of their profile. They can then receive notifications about nearby donation opportunities. A user between 18–65 years of age can receive and see information about Blood Donations in their News Feed. One can sign up to be a blood donor on Facebook and see which nearby blood organizations need blood donors.
  • Signing up to be a blood donor does not guarantee that you will be eligible to or able to donate blood. Eligibility requirements for donors and the blood bank is responsible for taking all steps required to determine eligibility and ability to donate blood.
  • With Blood Donations on Facebook, blood banks or organizations can also use posts to share updates with their followers. Posts from the pages appear in the News Feed of all of the page’s followers and for nearby people who have registered to receive updates on donating blood from Facebook. Posts can include a scheduling button for people to schedule a donation with a phone call or by going to the organization’s website.


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