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HMD unveils YouTube Shorts for Nokia 106 4G and Nokia 110 4G


HMD, the maker of Nokia phones, today announces remarkable innovation with the introduction of YouTube Shorts & a range of other Cloud Apps to its best-selling feature phones, the at INR2199 and the Nokia 110 4G at INR 2399.

What’s New?

  • YouTube Shorts: Watch all your favourite short videos smoothly on your Nokia 106 4G and Nokia 110 4G. Thanks to cloud technology, you won’t face any annoying lags or freezes.
  • Cloud Apps: More than just videos! Access news, weather updates, cricket scores, and fun games easily. All these apps are in the cloud, which means they’re super fast and easy to use.
  • Personalized Content: Log in with your Google account and get YouTube Shorts that match your interests.
  • Games and More: Enjoy eight different apps including YouTube Shorts, BBC Hindi, Sokoban, 2048 Game, and Tetris.
  • Exciting Software Updates for Current Users

Introducing a transformative experience for Nokia 106 4G and Nokia 110 4G users with the integration of cloud-based apps. Bid farewell to device slowdowns as these innovative applications promise seamless and uninterrupted access to YouTube Shorts and a curated suite of eight versatile apps like BBC Hindi, Weather, News, and Games. Easily navigate this intuitive platform by tapping the Cloud Icon, allowing personalized content through Google login. Embrace a world of endless possibilities as your phone’s capabilities expand through this comprehensive array of cloud-hosted apps.

For Existing Nokia 110 4G users, software updates will be seamlessly sent to existing devices within the next two weeks, ensuring that the current user base enjoys the continual benefits of Cloud Apps innovation. Adding an extra layer of functionality, both Nokia 106 4G and Nokia 110 4G now support UPI Scan & Pay, providing hassle-free transactions.

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Commenting on the development, Ravi Kunwar, VP, India & APAC, HMD, said, “We’re stepping into a fresh era of user experience with the introduction of Cloud Apps such as YouTube Shorts on our Nokia 106 4G and Nokia 110 4G feature phones. This advancement signifies a major achievement in our ongoing dedication to delivering state-of-the-art solutions. Following the successful integration of the UPI payment feature, the addition of YouTube Shorts on feature phones further demonstrates HMD’s steadfast commitment to providing an unmatched mobile experience. Moreover, existing users can anticipate the software update to be implemented within the next two weeks.”

HMD, committed to pushing the boundaries of mobile technology, demonstrates its dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions with the Cloud Apps feature on Nokia 106 4G and Nokia 110 4G, setting a new standard for user-centric mobile experiences.

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