About Us

The Unbiased Blog is not just another blog that has biased, preconceived notions or is handled by fanboys. We at The Unbiased Blog highlight the pros & cons of each product or service we use or experience. Our only motive is to review or share the information unbiased. We appreciate what’s good and point out the bad.

And that’s the reason we review anything and everything we are invited to try, asked by our readers or we feel the need to (social issues and noble causes). We have shared our views on technology, gaming, gadgets, automobiles, fashion, travel, social media, luxury products and social causes.

In the future, we strive to better ourselves and expand our expertise to cover even more topics. We want ‘The Unbiased Blog’ to become the final checkpoint before a consumer makes a decision on absolutely any product or service.

The Unbiased Team:

Nikhil Chawla

Founder and Chief at ‘The Unbiased Blog’. I breathe in WiFi zone, prefer LTE over LIT. Ex MSFT, MCP, A+ and coder. I like news to be served to me on twitter. Photography and blogging haunting me since college days. Prefer all things Apple.

Neha Chawla

Delhi-London-New York is where I spend most of the time shopping if I am not visiting fashion stores than I am busy clicking pictures and blogging about fashion, food and lifestyle. I am an Instagram addict, you can follow my fashion trends on The Unbiased Blog and write to me if you want me to review your product. I’m popularly known as Miss Bloggess.

Student, Android aficionado, Android Developer, Tech enthusiastic, Love Everything Google, Nexus Fan, Waiting for Nokia’s comeback with Android.

Pawan Kumar Jaiswal

An Electronics Engineer from IETE University who is passionate about social media and fast bikes. Being a true connoisseur of the world wide web, only food can separate me from a computer. I never miss an opportunity to party with ‘My Gang’ and my love for music makes me attend a lot of gigs.

Sumantra Ray

Motorcycles. Internet. Travel. Communication.

Tathagata Ray

I live every morning. I die every night. An advertiser who has forever been bruised and seduced by video games. If you are likely to shoot me down, I’d probably dribble past you or jump into cover with a leap of faith. Start?

If you have any suggestion or feedback, please mail it to info@theunbiasedblog.com