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5 Must have travel apps this season


Summer is at its peak and so is the scorching heat! But you can find respite in weekend getaways and long vacations. The digital world and modern technology has left no stone unturned in making sure that your voyage is amusing and delightful even if you suddenly decide to go backpacking. Smart phones with smarter apps help you travel smart anywhere across the globe. Thus here’s a list of 5 must have apps while travelling:


When Viber was new, it was really hard for me to convince my friends and family that we can talk for free on Viber. They were utterly astonished when I introduced them to Viber. If I have to describe Viber, I’d say its the ‘your wish has been fulfilled’ app to stay connected to your loved ones while travelling, especially abroad, without burning a hole in your pocket? Viber is an app that lets you call or text other national or international Viber users for free. “Viber Out” is a new feature that lets you call landlines or smart phones (non Viber users) at low rates, thus helping you connect to anybody across the globe. On viber, you can share pictures, videos instantaneously and if you are with a group on an adventure travel, you must not forget creating a group of all the travellers to track everyone in an unknown city through Viber group feature and location sharing feature. Isn’t that like a God sent app? 😉

Opera Mini:

Two of the most important things for a traveller today is to be connected to the internet on-th-go and data savings. All you need is an adept mobile browser such as Opera Mini. The browser is the best travel companion as it not only gives faster internet access but also reduces data upto 90% of its original size resulting in data savings. It works very well at travel locales with less or fluctuating internet connection. With a fast browser that saves your mobile bill, you can also in turn save your phone’s battery life. You never know when you might need it!  


Instagram or IG doesn’t need an introduction But what you need to know that with IG Direct feature- Sharing relevant moments through images and videos that you capture while travelling has become even more personalized. Through Instagram Direct you can share special moments that are relevant to only a smaller group of people by just tapping on their names and writing a personalised caption!


This is the only note taking app you would need apart from the pen and paper if you use any. With Evernote you can totally forget paper and pen method of remembering your priorities! Evernote makes it easy to remember things and maintain a to do list. Travelling is now easier with Evernote as it helps you keep all your itineraries, maps, plans and documents at one place. It is a virtual briefcase that stores all possible documents made available to you wherever and whenever you need it. Fear of forgetting a loved one’s birthday back home while travelling or missing out on a gift to be bought? Use Evernote to create birthday reminders and shopping lists. A unique feature that makes Evernote a desirable app is that the information you store is readily available on all devices and is accessible even when you are offline.



Not sure of ways around a new city or town? TaxiPixi, a cab booking app, makes sure that you have a comfortable and safe ride. The application allows the users to book a taxi in less than a minute and be in direct contact with drivers of various radio cabs and different tourist taxi operators. I am sure there can be many more apps in the list, so lets keep them for next time. Till then you can let us know your favourite travel apps in the comments section below.

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