Whether you love eating gourmet food at fancy restaurants, cooking up a scrumptious meal at home or want to find out some new eating joints, there are mobile apps to cater to all your needs.
While earlier we’ve seen apps to keep you on schedule, manage your passwords, stream movies, indulge in games and even keep you entertained, the App stores have much more to offer. You can get all foodilicious with your smartphone, and the numerous apps in the Android Market as well as the Apple App store will vouch for it. Whether you love eating gourmet food at fancy restaurants, cooking up a scrumptious meal at home or wanting to find out some new eating joints, there are mobile apps to cater to all your needs. Here are a few apps that you will find interesting.

Epicurious – Android, iOS

Popular and handy

Epicurious is a perfect app if you loving cooking or experimenting with new recipes. The app has over 28,000 recipes from renowned cookbooks such as Gourmet and Bon Apetit, popular chefs and restaurants, so you can expect lip-smacking and professionally tested recipes. Moreover, one will find a homescreen “Recipe of the Day” widget and voice search to try out the dish of the day. Each recipe is explained in detail with a step-by-step procedure. Epicurious is a free app available for leading mobile platforms and iOS users can easily search for recipes, make a list of favourite recipes and sync the list with the recipe box feature, which allows users to access their recipes from their mobile phone or desktop. It is known as Epicurious recipes and shopping list  for iOS users and allows sharing recipes and shopping lists with friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Sweet N Spicy – Indian recipes – Android, iOS

Sweet n Spicy Indian treats

If you love Indian food, then the next app will satiate your palate with both sweet and spicy treats from the Indian cuisine. This free app adds in a lot of flexibility by offering alternatives to food and ingredients; this is especially beneficial for those with allergies and on diet. You can search and read recipes by cooking time, name of the dish and even view related cooking tips. Here again, the app lets you make a list of favourite recipes. Making it even more interesting is the fact that the app brings in 400+ videos, which makes it even more convenient to prepare a dish. If you have been counting every calorie you intake, then this app also features a calorie counter to tell exactly how calorie-heavy is the dish you have just prepared.

20 Minute Meals – Jamie Oliver – Android, iOS

Cook that scrumptious meal in 20 minutes

If you are running out of time or want to cook a meal in less than half an hour, then this app comes to your rescue with delicious meals that can be cooked in just 20 minutes. Moreover, if you haven’t gotten enough of the famous and adorable chef Jamie Oliver on Masterchef, then the app brings to you 21 exclusive videos wherein Jamie shows useful kitchen tips and tricks. The app has about 60 twenty-minute meal recipes that have been put across step-by-step, explaining each step along with photos. One will also find a shopping feature to sort out the ingredients and set a reminder to buy any of them. This app isnt available for free and you will have to shell out around Rs. 470 for it. 

Zomato – Android, iOS

Find a restaurant, rate it and read reviews

Foodies who love to binge on scrumptious meals in restaurants can conveniently use this app as the perfect restaurant finder for India. Zomato retaurant finder is a free app that allows its users to search menus, pictures, GPS coordinates for thousands of restaurants in India across major cities including Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore. Moreover, the app also shows you restaurants or eating joints in your vicinity. You can search for restaurants depending upon their location, what you want to eat and more. You can also rate and review the restaurants in your city.

Big Oven – Android, iOS

Key in the leftovers from your fridge, and the app will tell you what to cook out of it

Big Oven is an extremely handy app in all aspects when it comes to foodies. What sets this free app apart from the rest are the 2,50,000+ recipes. Now, thats a large number. Another highlight of the app is its ability to dish out a recipe for leftovers. You just need to enter ingredients from your fridge or pantry and Big Oven will find out what you can make out of those ingredients. Besides, you can easily search for recipes, scale recipes, read reviews, convert to metric, share recipes by email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. It also has an ad-free Pro version (approximately Rs. 1000) with some more functions like listing your grocery, creating a private variation of a recipe and more.

BBC Good Food – Android, iOS

Baking at its best
BBC Good Food is one of the most convenient apps, whether one wants to cook a steak or bake a cake. The app is free to download and has some limited recipes but lets users buy various BBC cookbooks such as BBC Healthy, BBC seasonal, BBC Quick and so on, which will be stored in the app. What we really liked is the BBC Good Food Cakes, which costs approximately Rs. 203. It has about 170 cake recipes, which range from gluten-free cakes to simple ‘stir-it-up’ cakes. It also has tips and tricks for first time bakers and you can save recipes to favourites so that you don’t need to go searching for it the next time you need it.

8,500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes – Android, iOS

Spin out that drink

This free app lets you squeeze out a perfect drink – be it cold coffee, milkshake or cocktail – it brings thousands of recipes to your fingertips. You can make a favourites list to add all your favourite drinks, browse through all of the drinks easily through an indexed list, use the search bar to easily find a specific recipe and even jump to a drink category and find related drinks.

From the numerous apps available for foodies, we think these are worth trying. You can also list out your favourite apps for foodies in the comments section below.

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