There have been many stories on how smartphones have survived water splashes, dips and wash. But this one from Ken Hovanes is one of a kind as he dropped his Apple iPhone into lake Smith, Alabama, USA six months back and found it now, Working!

Yes you read it right, the phone was in muddy lake water for six months and still switched on once charged. Though there has been water damage to the Screen(Faded Out), WiFi chipset(No Connectivity), Speakers(No Audio), 30pin connecter(Rust) and Battery(bulges) as you can see below in the photo gallery:

Don’t know why would someone leave the phone in a lake for 6 months, buy another iPhone and then go back find the damaged one but that’s what Ken claims so it’s up to you to believe it or not. Whatever the real story may be TUB feels -> Ken Hovanes has got his 15minutes of fame thanks to 9to5Mac
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