1. RIP RIM! – With the launch of BlackBerry 10, Research in Motion has changed its name to BlackBerry

2. BlackBerry Balance – A system that allows users to separate professional communications and applications from music, photographs and other personal items 

3. BlackBerry 10 Hub – All emails and notifications from applications such as Twitter and Facebook go to the BlackBerry Hub, a nerve centre accessible with a finger swipe even if you have another application open. One can peek into it and open an email, or return to the previous application without opening the email

4. BBM Video – Yes its BlackBerry’s own FaceTime. Another new feature in BlackBerry Messenger allows users to share screens

5. Z10 & Q10 – The BlackBerry 10 platform will be available on BlackBerry Z10(Full Touchscreen) and Q10(QWERTY+ Touch)

6. BlackBerry Flow – The company introduced the feature of BlackBerry Flow, one that allows users to move in and out of applications with ease

7. BlackBerry Remember – BB Remember is meant to organise content into folders and is integrated into BlackBerry Hub. This feature allows users to flag messages, set due dates, take voice notes, add attachments and find contacts.  

8. BlackBerry StoryMaker – BlackBerry introduced Story Maker, an app to aggregate content such as photos and videos into one stream. BlackBerry Story Maker is meant to allow users to create mini movies and share them on social networks 

9. TimeShift Camera – Pinpoint and adjust elements of your picture to get the photo you want. Time Shift mode captures milliseconds before and after your photo—so you can scroll back on the dial to open one friend’s eyes and then forward to catch your other friend smiling, before combining it all to create the perfect picture. 

10. Win the BlackBerry Z10 device – We are giving away the mighty BB Z10 for free, all you have to do is leave a comment on why you should get the BlackBerry Z10. 
(Note: This prize is sponsored and is valid for global audience)
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