Where is this World heading? We are still to gulp down the $39 to buy facebook girlfriend story (Read Here) and now we have a sex app to get laid with your facebook friends. Whoa!
The Bang With Friends sex app, which claims to anonymously hook users up with their Facebook friends, revealed plans to expand following its successful launch last week.
“Support for same-sex selections is already under development here at BWF along with an iPhone application for banging on the go,” the app’s creators told Mashable in an email. While the creators provided no specific launch date, they said these new features will launch “soon.”
Bang With Friends’ controversial debut attracted plenty of media attention, as well as user interest. The app’s “mostly 20-something” user base has topped 30,000, according to the California-based creators — three men who keep their identities hidden. What’s more, they claim the app is registering five new users, or “bangers,” every minute.
Bang With Friends’ goal is simple, and its approach has a decidedly frat-boy-esque quality that may appeal to a young user base (the creators’ contact email is “pimpin@bangwithfriends.com,” after all). To join, users sign in with Facebook, and are taken to a page that features names and photos of their friends. After settling on an object (or objects) of lust, users must click a “Down to Bang” button that then changes to “Awaiting Bang.”
The app says it “will only show your friends that you’re interested if they are too,” and notifies both parties via email about their mutual interest.
Currently, Bang With Friends can only accommodate heterosexual users, as the list of potential lovers includes exclusively members of the opposite sex, as well as people of the same-sex who did not list their gender on Facebook, according to Buzzfeed.
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Source: Mashable
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