Hindi is spoken by hundreds of millions of people in India and around the world. But reconciling the breadth and complexity of the Devanagari script and the limitations of a QWERTY keyboard can be a barrier to communication, particularly on mobile devices.

Google India recently launched the Google Hindi Input app on Google Play. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, Google Hindi Input is the quickest and easiest way to compose emails, send messages and post on social networks using Devanagari script.

Google Hindi Input has two methods for writing Hindi text. In transliteration mode, you simply type a Hindi word in English (like namaste), and the app will automatically convert the word to Devanagari script (नमस्ते).

Hitting the globe button switches to a full Devanagari script keyboard, with Hindi consonants ordered alphabetically on two pages. In this mode, you can long press at any time to select various forms of a consonant.


Google Hindi Input is the first Indic language input method on Android, but definitely not the last from the Google Internationalization team — stay tuned for more.

Also check out our Hindi language and other Indic input tools, available as Chrome extensions, Windows applications and in various Google products, not to mention the tutorial video below for helpful tips and tricks.

Source: Google India Blog

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