The next-generation Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite, which works seamlessly across devices and screens, is now available for businesses in India. The service will be available for various business SKUs (stock-keeping units) for on-premise use at prices ranging from $6 to $22 per user. Smaller businesses will also be able to use access it as a service through Airtel. 

Microsoft Office 365 can be installed on up to five devices for a single user under the Office 365 licensing. It provides support for various cloud management tools as per the convenience of the organizations. So while organizations can opt for the hybrid environments, they can go for private cloud as well.
Office 365 is touch enabled, pen enabled and will work equally well using Keyboard and mouse. Moreover, the new Office for mobile works across operating system like iOS, Android and others. Also, the SharePoint now integrates with Yammer and Lync to provide a social platform to the organizations.
Microsoft has partnered with Lupin, Godrej groups, Tata Communications and many more to provide the new Microsoft Office 365.

The new Office 365 will consist of all the usual productivity tools, along with Microsoft Lync Online, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Microsoft’s recent acquisition, Yammer. The new service uses the cloud to its advantage while also letting companies tap into the power of enterprise social. 

TUB Verdict: Microsoft’s marketing department needs to step up its game. After casting users into chaos with the confusing mix of capabilities in Windows RT and Windows 8, fear, uncertainty, and doubt are once again in full swing with Office 365 thanks to some mixed messages from Redmond.

Yes, between Skype, Office on Demand, and SkyDrive storage enabled by default, Office 365 definitely has its head in the cloud—but its feet are firmly planted on the desktop. To wit: The Office apps you install as part of an Office 365 subscription do not need an active Internet connection to work. I’ve seen a lot of people making statements to the contrary, but it’s simply not true. While the streaming Office on Demand service requires a Web connection, the five Office 2013 installations you’re allowed with your 365 subscription are each fully functioning local installations and they work just fine online oroffline—as long as your account as in good standing, that is.
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