PVR bluO Gurgaon

PVR bluO the name synonymous with bowling in India has come forward to take your entertainment to the next level. How many times have you visited PVR bluO with your family and felt the need that there was something else other that bowling. Not that you didn’t want to bowl but you needed something to kill the waiting time for your turn. Yes! Food and beverage was always an option but where is the entertainment? Also there have been times when you went with a group of friends and one of them didn’t want to bowl so he or she had to sit at the alley as a spectator.

Now the best of two world’s have come forward, PVR bluO and Sony Playstation. To experience this alliance, bloggers were invited to experience the Premium Playstation Lounge and there is one word for it ‘Phenomenal’.

We also got an opportunity to meet Mr. Peeush Tomar, GM, Marketing, PVR bluO and it was a fruitful meeting as his vision for adding value and entertainment to PVR bluO impressed us.

We also want to state that why playing at home on Playstation is way different then playing at the PS lounge at the PVR bluO:

1) Its your outing that becomes fun
2) You can’t match the large screen experience
3) The crystal clear sound cannot be produced at home
4) Multi user where the whole family or a group of friends can play at the same time
5) Choice of best titles available for you to play

Here is a video of our experience at the PVR bluO Playstation Premium Lounge:
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