There are zillion apps on the Apple App Store and out of those millions are camera related apps. Not every app reaches the pinnacle which Instagram did but there are a few that stand out and deserve appreciation. Once such app is Zoobe!
Zoobe is an easy way to share your fun with friends and family: take a photo, record your voice message and a cute fully-animated character will deliver a video message for you. Zoobe Cam and Zoobe Cam Eve are 2 brand new iOS messaging apps that allow you to create and send 3D animated videos from your smartphone. Both Zoobe apps provide users with a new way to communicate with their friends.
Based on the principals of augmented reality, the software lets the senders overlay a cute, cartoony avatar against a picture background and have them deliver a short voice message. Pictures can be taken when creating the message or you can choose the ones in your albums.

There are a range of characters you can choose and numerous emotions like happy, sexy and angry to adapt the message to your needs. On Zoobe Cam you find our pets: Bunny, Cat and Bear. On Zoobe Cam Eve, both Eve and Adam are available in different variations.
The animated videos can be sent privately via SMS, Whatsapp, Skype and email, or shared publicly on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Zoobe Cam and Zoobe Cam Eve are available in most of the App Stores worldwide and have been featured in App Stores in Germany, UK, Switzerland and Austria.

TUB Verdict:
Zoobe Cam brings unemotional and non-customizable online communication to an end. The known ways of chatting, texting and getting in touch with your friends do not provide enough possibilities to express ones feelings. Social networks and photo sharing apps enable users to share their impressions through photos but further explanations or even greetings still require boring text. Adding at least some kind of feeling to a message quickly leads to flood of emoticons.
Zoobe Cam is on a mission to take this way of communication to a whole new level: Users generate a tiny 3D animation movie which conjures a bright smile on their friend”s faces and causes them to sigh rapturously. For even more fun an adorable little animal cartoon character delivers the sender”s individual voice message using lip synchronized movements. And since all of this in not enough, the background is fully customizable as well. The app combines the best of all worlds of communication – just like a Swiss Army Knife. 

Must recommended! Give it a try and know why we said Emonicate (Emote whilst communicating) – Download
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