Samsung and Mozilla have announced that they are working together to build a new web browser engine for mobile devices based on ARM and Android.

The new browser engine has been named Servo by the two companies. According to Mozilla, the new engine will be designed to take advantage of ‘tomorrow’s faster, multi-core’ devices, and do away with old assumptions about how such engines should work.

Servo is coded in Mozilla’s own programming language, called Rust. The developer began work on it last year, with Samsung assisting it over the last couple of months.

Mozilla has made the programming language available today – in an experimental form – to Android developers. However, there is no word when Servo itself will be released to developers or the public.

It is unclear if Servo is intended to replace Gekko – the engine that powers Firefox on computers today.

However, it is clear that the new engine is designed to take aim at WebKit. WebKit powers Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and the Opera browsers on desktops. It also powers their mobile equivalents on iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, and Tizen.

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