We came across this note by KingaSpades on BGR. He very well points out that Samsung is trying to hard to change the meaning of the word Innovation!

As in our past few posts we have mentioned how desperately Samsung is trying to put down iPhone5 by comparing it to the newly launched Galaxy S4. Well yes the new juggernaut comes with variety of new sensors and features but have you asked yourself how usable are they?

How often would you use the following:

  • Sound & Shot (Still picture with audio clip)
  • Dual Shot (Front & Back camera at the same time)
  • Group Play (Multiple device streaming/sharing the same audio)
  • 9 sensors trying their best(sucking juice) to tell you the ambience, temperature, keeping the screen on whilst you look at it etc.
and a list of other features?

Note by KingaSpades:
Innovation is moving your entire arm and waving your hand over the screen instead of just flicking your thumb. Innovation is a battery draining because you’re phone needs to make sensors work while its supposed to be in sleep mode so that it will know when you place your hand over a sensor so that it can show you battery life. Of course that’s much better than pushing a button to see stats and messages. We must find new ways to drain our batteries while we are not even using our phones! That my friends is innovation! Innovation is my phone pausing video because I look away for a second because there is no way I could have paused it with my finger! We must find new uses for those sensors. Something to kill that battery even faster! This is the only way that we can make removable batteries look like a necessary thing! We will drain their batteries and create phones that break even easier than last years model! Yes! We can!
– Samsung

Ever after reading this note you think S4 is the best smartphone ever made, think again as mobile reviewers all over suggest it can be skipped if you were planning to upgrade it from your existing Galaxy S2/S3 or Note2. Oh! did we mention the heating problem?

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