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The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References)

Holy Bible Free Download
Holy Bible Free Download

Autobiography of a Yogi

Autobiography of a Yogi
Autobiography of a Yogi

What Is HTML5?

What is HTML5? Ebook Download
What is HTML5? Ebook Download

Colters’ Wife

Cotler's Wife  Maya Banks ebook Free Download
Cotler’s Wife Maya Banks ebook Free Download

Slow Ride (Rough Riders)

Slow Ride Erotic Novel
Slow Ride – Erotic Novel

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+Tathagata Ray‘s take on the Far Cry3 Blood Dragon footage!

Ok, who wants to die the 80's way, huh?
Ubisoft revealed the first footage for the touted action title of the year – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon!
Imagine the good ol’ days of VCR and Cassettes, those epic basslines from some epic gangsta style songs, that 8-bit console that would keep you busy all day. All of them colliding with perhaps the greatest gameplay of 2012 – FC3. I mean, this blend is truly a mad one, how can retro fit in with a sleek and modern story like Far Cry 3’s? Where would the animals go, or the ‘Hello Brother’-ing Rakyats, hell is Citra going to show some skin or not?!

It’s the dawn of the cyber age, the year is 2007, err, in parallel universe! That’s the set up that Blood Dragon boasts of, futuristic warfare, futuristic (and trippy) colours on your screen, enemies who look to have emerged from the famous Daft Punk video ‘Around the World’ and two cyborg warriors battling it out. Vietnam War has ripped the universe into a nuclear war. The gameplay shows the same movement and kill styles as in FC3, but I think I saw the protagonist showing a middle finger and saying ‘Fuck Yeah!’, didn’t I? And purple coloured weaponry! Well God knows what it will be like.
Visually it looks like a concoction of Gasper Noe (director of Enter the Void) and Paul Verhoeven’s style (director of Total Recall). The video looks like a Centurions’ intro, with a strange connection to Power Rangers. Completely mindless 80’s futuristic interpretation. The trailer epitomised the 80’s, with the mad intro advert that has nothing to do with the game, the VHS screen and the 8-bit logo formation.
In a layman’s language, do not expect anything out of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, but insanity! The trailer looks nostalgic, artistic, trippy and fuckin’ awesome! While there’s still a month for the release, I’d have to admit that I cannot wait for this piece of randomness to come as quick as it can. This is going to be a different paradigm of experience. Question is, is there any cord leading back to the story of Brody?
How about a gameplay leak?

FC3: Blood Dragon - Starring John Connor's timetravelling father

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