Have you ever wondered how the home you visited looked so bright and glittering – how every room you entered enthused the perfect ambience.Well, it is lighting that adds beauty and elegance to a room. Driven by innovation and a promise to bring homes to life, Philips, India’s leading lighting company created the branded home decorative lighting category in India in 2009. Today, the Philips Home Decorative Lighting range includes more than 800 different designs and styles which demonstrate how great lighting can transform the home and create the perfect setting for any mood or occasion.
Featuring the latest in lighting technology and concepts at an experiential event, Philips today showcased a range of unique designs from the LED home lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. A range of new products were also unveiled at the event like chic LED candles, table lamps, Living Colours Bloom, DimTone technology, LED suspension lights, and walls lights designed like kite and ladybird for kids.Many of these products have also been recognized for their design by both iF Product Design Award and red dot Design Award.
Speaking about the lifestyle and emotional connect of lighting, Rahul Taneja, Business Head, Consumer Luminaires, Philips Lighting India, said, “Light can surprise us on various levels. It can be peaceful and comfortable, stylish and dramatic, or cheerful and festive. Philips’ innovations are based on people’s needs. We constantly listen to ensure that we address people’s real-life needs and aspirations, wherever they are.”
Using state-of-the-art lighting solutions can help make homes more beautiful and more functional with the right ambience for ideal living spaces that can help enhance the quality of life. From table lamps and recessed light, to decorative and accent light available in different textures, colors and patterns, it’s possible to personalize, yet complement the fabric of our homes in entirely new ways with light.
Philips offers multiple design styles to choose from like Contemporary, Heritage, Modern, Expressive and Historical. The new range of dimmer lights allows home owners to create a natural and soothing environment at your homes with one touch. The Philips Dimtone and the tunable white LED lighting makes the control of color temperature and brightness handy.
With all the new innovations comes an added advantage to these products with the Philips Dynalite Control Systemthat allow one to control the lights with your iPhones, iPads, Android devices and the Philips Dynalite Antumbra and Revolution user interfaces. Dynalite technology converts your homes into a modern home by creating lighting scenes and with better user interfaces that gives you the power to interact with the system. A fundamental philosophy in designing a smart lighting system is the creation and switching of lighting scenes instead of individual lights. As lighting is the fundamental system in every home, a smart lighting control system is the logical answer to the lighting needs for a smart home user. Philips DynamicTouch and EnvisionTouch are revolutionizing smart lighting control apps, providing ease of use with advanced functionality. The Philips Dynalite lighting control system has been used in the Burj Khalifa Highrise Complex which is the world’s tallest building with 160 floors featuring high end residences, corporate suites and the world’s first Armani hotel and residences.
Philips has been focused on investing in growing the home decorative lighting category in India. One of the biggest proof points of consumer acceptance and increased demand is the fact that within a short span of less than four years, Philips has successfully established a network of 84 exclusive retail outlets called Philips Light Lounges across India. These branded retail outlets cater to the evolving lifestyle needs of the consumer who also receive expert advice on choosing the right lighting design for their unique needs. In addition to the Light Lounges, the range is also sold through more than 950 Light Shoppes (shop-in-shops) spread across more than 70 cities in India.

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