Meet Navin Rajendaran, a passionate traveller, photographer, published poet/writer and of course a hardcore gamer.

Navin has over 12 years of experience of the Indian IT industry, he has worked for companies like CGI, Wipro and ITC Infotech and playing various roles from engineer to manager working across geographies/countries, Navin took a break from his career in 2010 to pursue an MBA at IIM, Ahmedabad.

An avid gamer for over 25 years Navin has enjoyed playing on platforms ranging from micro-computers like ZX81 (with a mere 4K memory), ZX Spectrum (48k memory), the ever-changing PC platform – starting from the humble 286 all the way to PCs with dual-core processors and on to powerful gaming console systems. He believes that gaming has tremendous potential to enhance lives for the better.

Was it his MBA at IIM, that made him turn the tables from being an employee to an employer by launching Gamineazy?

According to Navin and his partner Chirag Gaglani, the gaming industry in India is a very viable option if utilized properly. They strive to provide innovative gaming options and promote entertainment avenues where gaming is part of a lifestyle. That’s how Gamineazy was BORN!

Why Gaming?

Entertainment is an under-served market in India and consumers crave for exciting new entertainment options that are easily accessible and affordable. Gaming as a mode of entertainment and social engagement is gaining more acceptance among Indians than ever before.

The FICCI-KPMG Indian Media and Entertainment Industry report of 2011 indicates that the Indian Gaming industry is valued at INR 10 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31% to INR 38.3 Billion by 2015. Of this market, Console gaming has a CAGR of 20%. We believe Gamineazy can contribute significantly to this growth by the creation of innovative Gaming entertainment avenues for Indian consumers in markets just waiting to be tapped, including corporate/ commercial establishments and apartment complexes.

What is Gamineazy all about?

Gamineazy is an endeavor to enable people to rediscover the joy of gaming. A unique Startup company focused on Gaming-services rather than products. Gamineazy strives to make high quality gaming experiences accessible and affordable for Indians, through an innovative lounge/retail/event management model. Their motto reflects their passion.

“To be the company of choice for all Indian gamers looking to fulfill their videogame entertainment needs. We shall strive to not only achieve this but also exceed their expectations, delight them and become a market leader, through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and long-term partnerships.”
  • Incorporated in 2011, Gamineazy is a startup with 5 different service streams:
  • Gaming Lounge:  From health to experiencing motion pictures in a lounge
  • Retail: An array of gaming accessories for sale
  • Corporate Services: In-house high-tech entertainment/recreation facility which they are presently providing to many corporates
  • Event Management: Gamineazy provides a wide variety of Gaming-based activities for corporate events, parties, weddings, etc. 
  • Brand Promotion Services: Gamineazy also engages in activities that involve co-branding with companies wanting to reach out to hard-to-attract segments, like residents in apartment complexes. 
  • Brand Promotion Services: Gamineazy also engages in activities that involve co-branding with companies wanting to reach out to hard-to-attract segments, like residents in apartment complexes. 

Gamineazy has been one of the promising startups and one of the final shortlisted companies in 2012 edition of Economic Times Power of ideas of contest.

          Gamineazy – Rewards and recognition
  • Gamineazy was one of 25 promising startups (from the hundreds of companies who applied from all over India) to be selected for the first ever Reverse-pitch event in India, where investors pitched to companies, instead of the other way around.
  • Gamineazy was part of the first shortlist of 504 companies in the 2012 edition of the acclaimed Economic Times Power of Ideas contest, selected from around 20,000 applications country-wide
  • Gamineazy stood 2nd in an Entrepreneurship competition held among IIM alumni from all over India in 2011. The panelists included senior management from the angel/VC firms like IAN, IDG Ventures, Ojas Ventures, etc.

          Recent Achievements
  • Opened their first innovative gaming kiosk model store in November, 2012
  • Partnered with a church-NGO to create a gaming event in March-2013, entertaining hundreds of children and adults at this year’s St. Thomas Parish feast celebrations.
  • Setup a classy 2-unit Integrated Gaming Facility on the campus of a leading international MNC in Bangalore in Jan, 2013, with a 1-year lease and maintenance contract. Discussions are in progress with other firms.
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