Whattay night it was at the @windowsphoneind #mixology night. The event was fun, peppy and innovative just like the Windows Phone’s. Tech enthusiasts and bloggers got an opportunity to play around with the Windows phone apps and get wasted at the same time 😉

But that’s not all there were teams, tasks and tipsy people all around, including us. 10 Teams were made and then given several tasks to pit against each other. Trust us there were big names like @thebiggeek, @rajatagr, @baxiabhishek, @clintonjeff, @abhishek, @rohitkhurana, @digitallybones @abhishekkant @duak @nikhilchawla to name a few.

Not to forget the MC for the night @RJ_Kabir and celebrity mixologist Yangdup Lama impressed everyone with their respective skills.

Though the hero of the night was ‘Cocktail Flow,’ the app tells you the technique to create a variety of cocktails to satiate your taste buds. It tells you the right steps to make a perfect cocktail. Not only did it make all of us the best mixologist but also gave us deadly drinks to get a hangover from.

So before you party next time, do yourself a favour and get a Windows Phone!

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