Don’t miss a thing from one of the year’s greatest and generally electrifying film recreations occasions. 

On 11 June 2013, the drapery will lift on three days of sizzling publications and select glimpses at the greatest motion picture diversions around. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise called E3, is situated to place the Los Angeles Convention Centre under the amusements business spotlight, and Playstation will be at the heart of the show. 

Playstation 4 and a group of front line recreations – also Playstation Vita and Playstation 3 – will be on the universally adored all through the show and you can get all the most recent news without needing to scrape out your visa. Just accompany these basic steps: 

  • Stay aware of every last one of parts on advertisements for Playstation 3 and Ps Vita at You’ll additionally find in-profundity emphasizes and questions with the individuals outdated.
  • Get live scope of the must-see Scea public interview from 02:00 Bst on 11 June 2013 over at at, and all the last news straight from the show floor. 
  • Join in with the most smoking verbal confrontations on the official Playstation Forums at, and get included in rivalries and group occasions. 
  • Look at our official Twitter page at and utilize our Twitter hashtag #ps4 to get the last redesigns wherever you are. 
  • Keep an eye on our official Flickr page at for all the last diversion screens and selective, old-fashioned photographs from the Los Angeles Convention Centre. 
  • Get the last trailers and movies on the Playstation Official Youtube Channel at 

E3 2013 runs from 11 to 13 June 2013. Be the first to ponder time to come of Playstation, right here on 

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