If you are like us and are bored with the UI that comes with each android manufacturer – TouchWiz by Samsung, Timescape by Sony, Blinkfeed by HTC etc and to customise your phone then we have a list of best launchers for your Android device. Specially people who buy stock Android OS feel the need to give it some kind of customisation.

Here are top five Android launchers you should try for the ultimate user experience:

1.   Smart Launcher Pro
This is an innovative launcher characterized by minimalistic design and low memory usage. The applications get its ways with a user-friendly experience of few taps on your screen.

What makes it different from other launchers mentioned in this list is that it doesn’t stick to general Android aesthetics that other apps follow. People have also liked it as it boasts to be a good one with what it wants to offer.
All you have to do is begin with a single home screen with shortcuts arranged in a circle. These shortcuts can be programmed to open whatever app you want, so that you can get into your frequently used apps faster and more efficiently. From there, you can access a modified app drawer for all your widget needs.
On the whole, this is a launcher that performs differently for those who want to give it a try.

2.   NOVA Launcher Prime
This performance driven app is considered to be the most dependable and well received launcher as of others. It holds unlimited custom tabs and folders in App Drawer and flaunts an innumerable series of features, themes and customizations, even if it does not overtake the previous one. For eye candy lovers, NOVA Launcher has a good amount of it.
NOVA Launcher Prime is also one of the best in terms of dealing with widgets.  As it supports, users can put one by one widget in the dock and even overlap their widgets to maintain the precious home screen space. There is also an option to create widget collages.
The app runs smoothly being an all rounder in all features.

3.   GO Launcher
GO Launcher is the most downloadable and popular Android home launcher replacement app. Its free offering packs itself with a lot of customization options and endless supply of add ons.

The apps performance is also said to be very good and can be completely appreciated if set up entirely. With a plethora of themes filled in these apps and a bundle of features and customizations that go on and on, setting up this app entirely may get long hours.

However, for those who always wish to jiggle around with so many options, GO Launcher is just the apt one to proceed with. But this would also be a little more chaotic than other launchers as it crowds itself with many choices.

4.   Apex Launcher
This one comes as a powerful, fast and highly customizable home replacement for Android 4.0 and higher versions. The launcher is so fully filled with features and customized options and has garnered wide attention for its friendly user interaction.
A lot of customization can be done with this app, such as app drawer, home screens, themes, icon packs and cool transition effects. The launcher offers more gesture options and additional transition effects that make it not too difficult.
App launcher also has tablet support and its overall positive experience can give you a slick performance.  But the only drawback is that all the cool features come in paid versions, which would actually not be a surprise.

5.   91 Launcher
91 Launcher is the most popular Android home replacement application offering users a very smooth experience. It is very simple in nature and if you get into deep customization with it, it sticks to offer the basics such as good widgets, wallpapers and attractive themes. You can personalize and enhance your Android device at your best with its speedy operation.
The app supports Android 2.2 and higher versions. It adds features of latest versions to older phones as well, including resizable widgets and app folders. Power management, weather, system settings and other status widgets also come in hand on the notifications bar.

So if you have thought about it then there’s no looking back because 91 Launcher is worth checking out always.
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