Evernote for Mac (5.2) introduced three exciting capabilities that allow you to bring focus onto the content you have in your Evernote account. Each new feature does this in its own way, and each one will make your Evernote experience more vibrant.
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Annotate Your Notes with Skitch!

Skitch app lets you visually communicate any idea quickly. It’s great for everything from giving a coworker design feedback to identifying an important section of a document to leaving an annotation in a PDF for yourself. Now, Evernote and Skitch are more closely linked, so you can mark up just about any note in your account, then save it for yourself or share it with your team.
First step: install Skitch. Next, click the new Skitch icon at the top of the note editor to bring the note into the Skitch app for annotation. Once you’ve marked it up, click the Save to Evernote button in Skitch and a new note is created in Evernote containing your annotations.
The Skitch feature works in two ways:
Annotate images
If your note contains only images, then upon clicking the Skitch button in Evernote, you’ll be able to select an image from the note that you wish to annotate. When you do, the image will open up in Skitch ready for your arrows, text, shapes, and stamps.
Annotate whole notes as PDFs
Notes that contain combinations of text, images and files, will be converted into a single PDF inside Skitch. PDF annotation is an Evernote Premium feature, so be sure to upgrade your account if you’re a Free user. Upgrade to Evernote Premium »

Document Preview

Evernote lets you store almost anything so that you have the full context around all of your ideas and memories. A note you take in a meeting can also have the presentation, a photo of the whiteboard and an audio recording of everything that was said. That way you have the whole picture for easy recall, any time.

Today, we’re making this even better with Document Preview. This new feature shows you the contents of a file right inside your note. This will work for many file types including documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.
To make it easy for you to drag the file into an email or other app, we included a large drag bar along the top of the file. That drag bar also includes a Save As… icon to let you put the file anywhere on your computer.
Premium Feature: Document Search
Evernote Premium users get even more out of the Document Preview feature by being able to also search within those attached documents. Upgrade to Evernote Premium.


Whether you’re working alone or collaborating with others, it’s always useful to be able to highlight important parts of your note. That’s why we added the new Highlighter as one of the text editing tools. Click the highlighter to add a bright yellow background to your text.

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