The latest version of Google Chrome includes new notifications centre and the launch of the Blink rendering engine.
The notifications – which have been tested in the browser’s beta channel for some weeks – provide pop-up alerts for Gmail, Google+ and other Google services. Though, our tests with Chrome 28 failed to deliver any notifications.
Good thing is that chrome notifications aren’t only open to Google – third-party developers can also take advantage of it. Chrome 28 is also the first version of Chrome to use the Blink rendering engine, a forked version of the Webkit engine that has been used to power the browser since its inception in 2008.
The fork is designed to remove unnecessary code from the browser and give Google greater freedom to introduce new features. 

You can also disable notifications from any source whenever you wish, for those times when you want some peace and quiet.
Google is also introducing voice calling into Google Hangouts just like the Voice Facetime is launching with iOS7. Now users will be able to choose between video and voice calls, and even mix-and-match within group Hangouts, so that some participants can use video while others – perhaps those with limited bandwidth – contribute merely by voice.
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