There were times when we used to click pictures, send them for processing and eagerly wait for the prints to come. Then came the digital camera and the whole charm of photo processing and developing just went away. We are not saying that digital photography isn’t the best thing to happen but now we have limited physical memories. If not all, then most of our photos are never printed but only shared online or stay in our hard drives. 

There are many reasons for that:
  • Clicked from smartphones only to be shared on social sites
  • 1000’s of photo’s clicked so cant sort out which one’s to use
  • Amateur photography using less than 2MP camera without Auto Focus
  • Laziness in sorting and going to a photo studio
  • Cost involved in getting each photo printed
  • Privacy issues in handing over the device or the memory card
But the good news is that we have LG Electronics to rescue us from this problem. LG Electronics, today announced the launch of its LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer in India, once again demonstrating their commitment to consumer convenience. The mobile printer delivers high quality photo prints and provides excellent wireless connectivity, making it the ideal companion for both Android and iOS smartphones.

The stylish LG Pocket Printer is one of the smallest and lightest mobile phone printing devices in the market where users can print on the go and also share photos on social media platforms and online, directly from the device. The Pocket photo printer easily fits the palm of one’s hand or a jacket pocket when not in use. The printer produces 5.1 x 7.6cm (2 x 3 inch) prints, perfect for sharing or displaying.

Prints from LG’s smart mobile printer enable users to enjoy images taken on their smartphone simply and effortlessly.

According to Mr. Howard Lee, Director-Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India said; “Photographs are a part of people’s life. It takes us back to the memory lane and helps us relive important moments. LG’s innovative palm-sized PD233 Pocket Photo Printer is an apt product for our consumers as it will help them cherish these special memories in high quality prints. The photo printer just takes few seconds to print or share pictures online once connected to any mobile device via Bluetooth or NFC (near-field communication).”

The printer employs inkless printing technology from Zink that eliminates the need for expensive ink cartridge. In comparison with conventional printing processes, ZINK’s inkless paper system preserves images longer and produces less smearing and preserves images longer.

With the ability to print QR codes on photographs, the LG Pocket Photo delivers a creative way of connecting a physical image to an online community. QR codes can be read with any barcode scanning app, linking people to social networking sites or other online content. The Pocket Photo can be used to print customized birthday invitations, thank you cards, or even business cards with a personal QR code.

Printing photographs is easy after downloading and installing the free LG Pocket photo app. The Pocket Photo App also allows one to be creative by editing, decorating, re-coloring etc. to give a stunning picture for any occasion to just add to an invitation or album.

LG Pocket Photo Printer is available across LG stores for Rs.14990/-
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