AltaMail for iPad & iPhone
True Inbox Zero with auto responses and real actions

With so many of us working via mobile devices, why are email apps on iPad and iPhone so inferior to those on a Mac or PC?
AltaMail is THE only app that brings computer based email features to the iPad and iPhone, enabling you to reach inbox zero with automated rules, quick swipes as well as reminders and smart folders.
No longer do you need to just sweep your email under the carpet for another day, AltaMail also enables you reduce your inbox without even touching it – set up rules to auto reply, auto delete, auto file, set flags and lots more.

AltaMail video
Lightening fast
swipe actions

  • Use AltaMail’s super quick swipe actions to archive email, reply, forward, reply with template, set reminders and much more.
  • Bulk delete, move, mark as read/unread, set reminders for multiple emails (or your entire inbox) with just two taps.


  • Reduce your inbox without even touching it – set up rules to auto reply, auto delete, auto file, set flags and lots more.
  • Create rules for multiple or single email accounts.

Advanced Attachment Management

  • View and save files and attachments for re-use either locally or in directly in the Cloud. Also convert attachments to PDF.
  • Attach files to email directly from the Cloud without downloading them first.

Templates for mailshots
and auto reply

  • Create custom email templates with contact merge fields such as First name, Last name, Telephone, Organization, Email etc.
  • Speed through your inbox by replying to email with templates (even automatically).

Categorize your email with flags & clear your inbox

  • Use flags to categorize and file email away from your inbox.
  • Fully customize flags, change name, color and even add your own image!

AltaMail video
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  1. I really found some it the features of altamail really impressive like Attachment Management it provides is really on next level- it allows to view and save files and attachments directly in the Cloud and also provides an option to convert attachments to PDF.

  2. I am an iPhone user and I am really impressed with the AltaMail services as it is the only app that brings email services to the iPad and iPhone, and also allowed the user to take an experience of inbox zero with features like automated rules, quick swipes, smart folders as well as reminders.

  3. AltaMail is the email client for the iPhone and provides the options like inbox filtering, and enhanced attachment I really like the app although many features of it is copied from the built-in Mail app but, it offers a good improvement.


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