With Smartphones defining new rules for social networking, and communication amongst youth, Karbonn is aggressively setting new trends for the Indian Youth to define their own rules for a new face of smart device communication in India. In its endeavor to reap in the spirit of friendship amongst the consumers this Friendship Day, Karbonn, India’s leading mobile brand has initiated the concept of ‘Friendship Quotient’ or ‘FQ” amongst its consumers, with a tagline ‘What’s your FQ?’

Karbonn has forever pioneered the concept of ‘Social Quotient’ or ‘SQ’ with its range of smart & social smartphones. This new communication of Social Quotient’ became very popular amongst the trendy youth and helped Karbonn in reaching out to the young consumers. Building on the same, this Friendship Day, the youth oriented brand endeavors to raise the consumer’s Friendship Quotient by introducing them to an amalgamation of smart devices & fun activities designed to enhance the spirit of friendliness.

To help consumers be more social and enhance their Friendship Quotient, Karbonn positions its ‘Titanium’ Series devices as the smart choice of the smart youth of India. The Friendship Quotient will bring in youth closer and is aimed to spread the message of Friendship and partnership.

With a lineage of cool features which are sure to attract the youth of India towards forging greater friendships through communication, Karbonn intends to define FQ for the Youth. ‘Smart’ devices like the Karbonn ‘Smart’ Titanium 1 and Karbonn Titanium S5 help the youth create a bond amongst themselves and their peers. The cutting-edge technological innovations under the hood help take their Smartness Quotient up a notch and help redefine their Friendship Quotient.

It is to enhance the said Friendship Quotient amongst the users that Karbonn has initiated a social media campaign around Friendship Day. To popularize the concept of ‘Friendship Quotient’, Karbonn is all set to bombard its social media platform with non-stop action and fun filled activities. Combining in youth oriented activities on Facebook & Twitter the idea is to engage audiences with fun driven activities which will help them enhance their Friendship Quotient. To make the Friendship Day all the more exciting and fun intrinsic for consumers, Karbonn has launched the ‘Friendship Day Bash’ which lets users send exciting & funny Friendship Day cards to their friends’ right from a dedicated app created on the official Karbonn Facebook Page.

To enhance the experience of Friendship Day in a never seen before avatar, Karbonn has also brought in a first of its kind ‘FQ Meter’ on Facebook which lets participants define their Friendship Quotient. Enabling the participants to show their Friendship Quotient by answering a set of ten questions with points attached to them, Karbonn will award an exciting Karbonn Smartphone to the top four scores at the end of the contest. These top four participants having the best Friendship Quotient will be adjudged on the basis of user’s activeness on Facebook and his friends’ activities on his Facebook page. These factors will be taken in consideration while calculating a user’s Friendship Quotient Score, and will help in selecting the lucky four Karbonn Smart Phones holders.
Shashin Devsare, Executive Director, Karbonn said “Friendship Day is significant occasion for youth and it is apt that we introduce the ‘Friendship Quotient’ peg at this opportune time. The yardstick for smartness has now changed over from IQ to SQ and onto FQ as today one’s social relationships define how smart a person is. It is thus we have initiated this property which will let our youth centric consumers to define their Friendship Quotient and showcase their social interaction skills.”

“Karbonn is a youth-oriented brand which is geared towards enhancing the social interactivity of its consumers. It is thus by creating greater vistas of social engagement by the means of unique properties like Social Quotient and Friendship Quotient that Karbonn intends to build upon its connect with the audience. By leveraging a pertinent buzz on social media platforms, our endeavour is to connect to the youth centric consumers and help them engage with the brand. For the same we have initiated this social media campaign which brings together fun-filled activities to celebrate Friendship Day”, he added.

Check your FQ, Raise your FQ and grab exciting prizes on https://www.facebook.com/karbonnmobilesin?fref=ts 

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