Adaptxt’s ‘Branded Smartphone Keyboard’ now gives the power to your brand to reach out to 67+ million smartphone users in India

– Gives brands a unique liberty to aim high to reach out to 256* million potential consumers by 2016

– Now brands & products can reach out to consumers innovatively & directly touching the brand loyalty of potential smartphone population across the country

– The first of its kind innovative smartphone branding app is enabled to generate & measure brand following and brand loyalty, helping in creating brand oriented consumer base

‘Adaptxt’, the revolutionary text input application from KeyPoint Technologies® today announced a new revolution in the Indian online branding and content market, by introducing its ‘Branded Smartphone Keyboard’. This is an effort to leverage the smartphoneboom of the country which has seen a phenomenal growth of 52% in smartphone penetration over the previous years. India’s first innovative smartphone branding tool from Adaptxt is based on a unique patent technology which is refined by a robust research and development program. This Branded Smartphone Keyboard lets inventive brands connect with their audience by creating a direct connect, which is based on brand theme customized keyboards aimed directly to the consumers.

Adaptxt’s revolutionary ‘Branded Smartphone Keyboard will help brands from diverse disciplines to reach out to potential 67+ million smartphone users in the country, and deliver live branding content. This move is aimed to redefine brand advertising in the country and will enable brands to measure brand loyalty and help create brand oriented fan base in the cluttered Indian market.

With smartphones and engaged communication redefining effortless communications of today, Adaptxt is revolutionizing new trends for greater audience interaction aimed at bringing the youth of today closer to their favoured brands. Providing a truly unique & powerful merchandising opportunity, Adaptxt’s ‘Branded Smartphone Keyboard’ gives the brands a unique liberty to aim higher in reaching out to 256* million potential consumers by 2016.

Today the smartphone audience base reaches upto 67+ million users across the country, which covers a significant share of the demography of India. It is here that an innovative smartphone branding tool gives a brand the power to reach out to untapped consumers and deliver pertinent messaging to them, even without interfering in their privacy. While today online branding vistas are more irritating than informing, a smart branding tool like Adaptxt’s ‘Branded Smartphone Keyboard’ lets a brand reach out to consumers as per their choice, thus delivering the best return-on-investment.

Imagine the time in the future where an upcoming youth-oriented Bollywood entertainer is looking forward to reach its target audience to create a following for itself. By aligning with Adaptxt’s Branded Smartphone Keyboard, the production house can thus develop a unique movie style keyboard which will be available for movie viewers to download. That specific keyboard can have quotes from the movie, exclusive content & dialogues from the movie, character style emoticons and much more; which can make the user experience on the keyboard all the more special. This exercise can herald a new wave of movie branding and can help a movie get many more dedicated viewers and followers.

Another example can be of franchise specific keyboard development for a much loved cricket property like the Indian Premier League. City Franchises or cricket teams can now develop special themed keyboards, which can be downloaded by cricket fanatics to show their loyalty to their cricket teams. This branded property can cover a wide variety of content including team lineups, player info, match centre info, player lingo, character emoticons and much more. This exercise while helping in drawing youth-oriented consumers towards the brand will also help in creating fierce brand loyalties amongst them.

Not confining itself to just cinema & cricket, this unique branding app is just apt for taking forward cutting-edge branding appeal of various segments like Consumer Durables, Consumer Electronics, Apparels & Fashion Industry, and much more. Redefining consumerism in India, Adaptxt’s ‘Branded Smartphone Keyboard’ boasts of an unparalleled nationwide appeal. This one of its kind enterprise brings together the main constituents of branding:brand connect, top of the mind appeal, brand favoritism and familiarity; and offers a unique vista to create a pertinent following in the highly dynamic Indian smartphone sector.

This unique platform finds its genesis in the successful United States application of College themed keyboards which let users show their school spirit with customized virtual keywords, university centric texting dictionaries and more. The Adaptxt powered Spirit keyboard is a one of its kind collegiate themed smart keyboard which has been the inspiration of Adaptxt’s ‘Branded Smartphone Keyboard’. A much loved keyboard, the Spirit Keyboard reached out to 31 top schools essentially meaning 1.2 Million students plus another 5 Million fans and alumni.

The Spirit keyboard also afforded the users fully functional smartphone keyboards showcasing the colors and logos of their favorite schools, and a specialized dictionary containing hundreds of unique words used on and around their campuses. It is this idea which would be replicated in the Indian version of ‘Branded Smartphone Keyboard’, which will bring all the relative content of the brand onto the keyboard powered by Adaptxt.

Representations of the U.S. based ‘Spirit’ Keyboard, which will be replicated as per Indian needs for specific industries

KeyPoint’s CEO, Sumit Goswami said, “Communication amongst individuals is the buzzword of today, and providing effortless communication is the main tenet that Adaptxt believes in. We are inspired by the fabulous success of Adaptxt on the smartphone platform of India. We are now looking towards engaged vistas to take up the experience a notch above. Our ‘Branded Smartphone Keyboard’ is aimed at emerging brands who wish to develop their communication with their consumers further.”

“With our innovative smartphone branding tool, they can engage greater brand loyalties and take across their brand messaging further without intruding into their privacy. This is the next step in brand communication in India and we are very excited about it,” he added.
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