Has Google accidentally shown off its much rumoured Nexus 5 smartphone before it is officially unveiled.

After the announcement of Android KitKat 4.4, Google posted a video showing the unveiling of the new KitKat statue.
In the video, it shows staff at Google attending the unveiling; many of them filming the event on their Android smartphones and tablets.

However, one employee appears to be filming the event using an unknown Nexus device. The scene appeared 38–39 seconds. A screen capture of that moment is below.

The video has since been taken down by Google adding fire to the suggestion that we may have accidentally been privy the the first sighting of the rumoured Nexus 5.

Looking closer, its horizontal Nexus branding and the faintly LG logo at the bottom of the handset.

Rumours began emerging last month, suggested that Google has asked LG to make a five-inch Nexus smartphone based on its recently launched G2 handset.

Those reports have suggested that on the outside, the Nexus 5 would look similar to the Nexus 4, with a glass back. The phone in the video matches that description.

Internally, the phone is rumoured to come with a 5.2-inch display and be based upon the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset. Other rumours have suggested Google may opt for the slightly older Snapdragon 600 chipset in an effort to help keep prices down.

Google has so far refused to comment on whether or not the device in the video was a Nexus 5. But as Google took the video off the web, it’s more than affirmative.

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Google unveiled the Nexus 4 at the end of October last year. So Nexus 5 is mostly like to be out next month.

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