Finger, Fit and Fabulous – These three words mean a lot, in fact our whole life runs around these three things. The first thing a baby does when he or she is born is clutch the mother’s finger by clutching his/her own fingers around hers. From that time onward, till we are alive fingers are the most important part of our life. With our fingers we feel, express, communicate, play, work and to think of it do everything.Get more out of life with touch.

Similarly when we us the word fit, it means life. If you are not fit then you are either anorexic or obese and thus become vulnerable to many ailments. It’s not just humans that need to stay fit, its everything and anything. Be it our car, the plane you might be flying on or your personal computer. An unfit PC, would have malware, run terribly slow and thus reduce the users productivity. That’s the reason we have tools and tests for everyone and everything to stay fit. We humans visit doctors and get tests done to make sure we are fit and fine. Same goes for our technology, we visit a tech store like ‘House of Technology’ to know what is the best for us with the help of experts, we visit them to get our ailing gadgets fixed by them.

Now to the last term of ‘F3’ – Finger, Fit and Fabulous. The word fabulous represents your personality, your features, your mettle. What makes people go all oh la la when they see their favourite star or in my case when I see new technology :p 

When I saw the latest +Intel 2-in-1 touch ultrabooks, I couldn’t stop drooling over them thanks to their fabulous form factor. The word fabulous comes out of your mouth on its own when you see something really fab. It’s that simple!

So when we use the terms ‘Finger, Fit and Fabulous’ today we would like to show what we mean by it:


The touch of a new born child’s.

A kid using +Intel touch-based laptop at the @intelindia #techfortoddlers event: 


We humans need to stay fit to enjoy life and tech plays a large roll in it:

PC facility doing all tests and bench-marking before releasing it to public


For a tech enthusiast, this is WOW and simply fabulous:

This is wow for Wycleaf Fans:

So in the end we would like to say – Stay Finger, Fit and Fabulous and ‘Touch the Future.’ 

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