It’s time that we had the IPv6 technology in India. Since the dawn of Internet in India, we have been using the IPv4 system. Now its time to bring the IPv6 revolution in India.
And to bring about the revolution, we have A10 NETWORKS coming in as a blessing. A10 networks was founded in 2004 with a mission to provide innovative networking and security solutions. The company makes high-performance products that help organisations accelerate, optimise and secure their applications.
Hayato Koeda, President & CEO for A10 Networks KK and Vice President of South APAChopes to bring in this transition and help the infrastructure of the Indian IT sector, be one of the few countries to have the first mover advantage and be geared up for the future and help us cope with the challenges that arise from this transition.
The company also has a CGNAT feature to preserve IPv4 addresses so that customers can continue to run existing services before migrating to IPv6. IPv6 is one of several major inflection points in the evolution of IT environments, both enterprise and service provider. The IPv6 transition is all about scaling up our IP powered infrastructure as the World is rapidly approaching IPv4 address space exhaustion while the wave of Internet of Things (IoT) is rolling in. India being at the cusp of this inflection point is ideally suited to make this transition. Currently, in India and in much of the world, the Internet is running on the IPv4 platform. The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is inevitable.
The company has introduced  “Subscriber Awareness” features where the company works together for external servers and dynamically build up the database internally with user information. They take action based not only the IP packet, but internal DB information as well for the subscribers.  All the application modules are included without licenses so that customers can use any application anytime without additional license costs. A10’s all-inclusive licensing model makes network deployment affordable for the customers. 
A10 takes action based not only the IP packet, but internal DB information as well for their subscribers. They have also seen IPv4 preservation and IPv4-IPv6 migration opportunities in the telecommunications industry.
A10’s Thunder Series Unified Application Service Gateways support all the IPv6 migration and IPv4 prevention technologies  The company is  able to provide them at the same time without any additional license fees, so companies can deploy the system flexibly.
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