Shopping 2030 is not a product code or a model number for something. It’s the future of shopping, it’s about the year 2030 and how we would shop at the speed of light or even faster. Let’s visit the current shopping scenario before we talk about the future. At present we have made many advancements when it comes to shopping. With the flood of e-commerce and the products available on it, we can buy from a pin to a plane on shopping sites. In fact a few years back, when it was raining heavily and it was water logged all around, I tweeted that it’s time to pick up a jet ski from ebay 😉

But that’s now, what about the year 2030 i.e. 17 years later. We all know things would change entirely in almost two decades. We won’t even need to visit these e-commerce sites and find the best products and then compare them at different online shopping portals. Things would be much simpler and fast!

What if we at ‘The Unbiased Blog’ take you to the year 2030 right away? We are still to believe it but we have experienced it and want all of you to peek into the future. The future of shopping brought to you by ebay India. Watch this video and then we would talk about it in detail:

Whoa! Wasn’t that simply awesome? It’s what shopping would be like in 2030, eBay Check is the thing of the future. 
Here is our list of how #eBayCheck has solved our shopping woes:
  • No more wandering here and there to find the product you are looking for
  • Goodbye to fake and fraud e-commerce sites
  • All you need is to do is just #eBayCheck any product on any website
We can go on and on about #eBayCheck but we would urge you to try it and experience it:
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