Sony today announced new SNC-CX600W and SNC-CX600 high definition (HD) security cameras that deliver wide viewing angles and 720p image quality. The cameras mark a breakthrough in the market for reasonably priced, fully-featured and highly-sophisticated digital imaging products that are very easy to deploy. They are ideal solutions not just for large public and private enterprises, but for anyone wishing to set up effective security in their shops, offices and storage facilities.

As security needs have risen in recent years, customers have been forced to accept higher costs and greater complexity when connecting up recording devices and broadening their camera coverage. Sony, in turn, has worked assertively to develop solutions that combine a full range of features together with easy deployment and affordable prices. Using Sony’s original IPELA ENGINE EX™ unique integrated signal processing system, the new SNC-CX600W and SNC-CX600 cameras from Sony continue to deliver high-resolution imaging even in low light and high contrast scenes.

Each camera also comes with white LED illumination, built-in recording and packaged in a compact stylish design that is ideal for self-installation in shops and offices. A key feature of the camera is a new industry-leading lens that is able to cover a full 120 degrees – or about 50% wider than other cameras in the same class. 

Each camera also includes a high-quality motion sensor that works in both light and dark environments; white LED illumination that enables clear colour recording; a speaker and a microphone; and more. 

When the motion sensor detects a break-in, the camera responds by switching on wide-angle LED illumination, playing out an alert and a pre-recorded voice message, sending an email notification to a pre-registered address of the user’s smartphone, and making still and moving images available for viewing through an internet browser. In addition, the SNC-CX600W supports Wi-Fi and is interoperable other Wi-Fi certified devices so users can enjoy stable network transmission as well as easy network security settings with WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) standard.

Since these cameras have edge storage, they can store images and audio directly onto microSD or SDHC cards and capture motion-triggered images without the use of an external recorder – another way for users to reduce space requirements, plus deployment and maintenance costs.

Sony’s SNC-CX600W and SNC-CX600 security cameras will be available through authorized dealers and distributors across India.





INR 50,000



INR 50,000


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