+Nimbuzz Users Can Now Make International Calls at the Price of Domestic Calls or even cheaper.

Indian mobile users now have the opportunity to stay connected with their connections across the world without having to worry about the exorbitant international calling rates. Nimbuzz, a leading communication and entertainment platform, has announced its partnership with Spectranet hello ip to make international calling affordable for Nimbuzz users across the country. This move will allow Indian’s to call abroad using the internet at rates as low as 1 paise per second.

With this partnership, Nimbuzz and Spectranet hello ip are all set to give users an opportunity to make international calls at rates as low as those of domestic calling. Indian internet users can avail +Spectranet hello ip by creating an account on Nimbuzz. The platform hosts the Spectranet hello ip dialer where users can make international calls and also buy calling credit. The service is purely a pre-paid offering and users can recharge their accounts through credit card payments. Spectranet hello ip is only an outbound calling service and will not support domestic calling with India.

Commenting on being the first player to offer international calling at unbeatable rates, Vikas Saxena, CEO, Nimbuzz, said,“Nimbuzz has always believed in creating an ecosystem that brings the world together. We are extremely confident that our partnership with Spectranet hello ip will allow our Indian users to reach out to their loved ones across the world without cost concerns. The Spectranet hello ip is a unique proposition that allows Nimbuzz users to make international calls at rates almost 450% less than those that are available in the market today.’’

Excited about its partnership with Nimbuzz, Udit Mehrotra, CEO, Spectranet hello ip said, “We have seen an incredible appetite among the Indians to interact with their personal and professional connections in India and across the world. The worry of having to incur huge costs forced people to curb their natural instincts while calling abroad. Spectranet is thrilled to partner with Nimbuzz to launch hello ip and we are extremely hopeful that this association will give Indians an opportunity to freely communicate with their loved ones across the world.’’

A price comparison between ISD rates offered by a leading Indian telecom provider and those offered by Spectranet hello ip powered by Nimbuzz.


Leading Operator (INR/min)

Spectranet hello ip powered by Nimbuzz











The service can be used across all data networks and Wi-Fi starting today. Nimbuzz and Spectranet hello ip have also set up 24*7 calling email support to assist users with their concerns around Spectranet hello ip powered by Nimbuzz.

The Unbiased Blog Verdict:

It surely is a great move for the consumers, specially who have friends and family abroad. But how successfully it is adapted by the masses is still a big question. There are few points we would like to highlight:

  • 1 Paise per second call is limited to only handful countries like UK, USA and Canada
  • Landline and Mobile call rates differ when you are calling to these countries
  • A leading operator clocks an average of 1500 crore paid minutes of international calling
  • As of now you cannot use your existing Nimbuzz profile to add credit. For some weird reason you have to create a new profile to be eligible to add credit
  • In the future stores would have recharge coupons, starting from as low as 10 rupees
  • Till the next update from Nimbuzz, the number that displays on the Caller Id of the person abroad would not be your own mobile number. It will be a random Indian number assigned to your profile
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