How many of you remember the first day when you held a pen or pencil in your hand? Can you recall what was the first thing you drew or made? Well most of us won’t but let me tell you, it all starts with a ‘Dot’. From that ‘dot’ we draw a line and then finally learn to make a few shapes like ‘Circle’ and ‘Square’. When we were kids a ‘circle’ meant many things to us – a ball, planet earth, number zero or the alphabet O. In simpler words, it meant the world, as we used to draw a circle and place elements into it. For example a ‘circle’ with a lot of blue and bits and pieces of green was mother earth, a white circle with few grey patches was the moon and how can we forget drawing pizzas and roti in the art class. 

When we grew up the ‘circle’ remained the same but its purpose changed, we started using it for geometry and statistics etc. As we grew further and joined work we started using it as pie during our presentations. Similarly one small circle is a ‘dot’, we use dot to end a sentence (full stop), we use it as a decimal mark and the whole of braille script is a combination of dots giving power to read to the blinds. That’s the power of ‘Dot’.

Another shape or element that really fascinated me as a kid was ‘sqaure’. I still remember relating equality and balance to square for its dimensions. Drawing squares with rulers and fine tipped pencil was fun, it taught us how to draw equal lines and balance bars/lines on top of each other. 

We all have used these elements over and over again in different ways. From the first drawing of hut (square) and sun (circle) to explaining things at work. 

And if by any chance you thought that there is nothing more you can do with the power of ‘Dot, Circle and Square’ then you need to read further and see it to believe it. 

Samsung Mobiles with its latest offering the Galaxy Note 3 has redefined how we use the ‘Dot, Circle and Square’. When Samsung created the first Galaxy Note, it created a segment of mobiles that never existed, what is now commonly known as the ‘Phablet = Phone + Tablet’ category. Samsung created the need for a natural handwritten gesture using stylus on mobile devices. It brought back a piece of hardware that was written off way back, stylus were considered backward technology and people were getting used to using fingers on fluid touchscreens. What it did with first note, evolved a lot with Note 2 and its S-Pen. 

Yet again when people thought that there is nothing more that can be achieved from a stylus, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 3 with most advanced and extra-ordinary stylus we have ever witnessed. It’s so intuitive, that you feel it reads your mind. Simple gestures like ‘Dot, Circle and Square’ do such powerful tasks that your ordinary daily tasks become extra-ordinary. 

The Dot, Circle and Square on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 lets you use ‘Air Commands’ like:

  • Action Memo
  • Scrapbook
  • S Finder
  • Pen Window
  • Screen Write

We were lucky to receive a review device of the Galaxy Note 3 and experience it for almost a month. Not only it has technological advancements that set a new benchmark for other devices but also its has a marvel hardware. The plush faux leather back, state of the art display panel, robust frame and the most important ‘S(uper)-Pen. All this and an inseparable partner – The Galaxy Gear. 

Galaxy Note 3 + Galaxy Gear truly ‘Designs our Life’ in a beautiful way.

Watch this video to understand how ‘Dot, Circle and Square’ have evolved over the time and how Samsung Galaxy Note 3 makes our life simpler in daily chores of life:
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