They say health is wealth. And there is a reason they say it! With our crazy lifestyle and always on the run food habits our health is surely taking a blow. And as you know oils and fats form a critical ingredient in any food application and help make the food nutritious and enhance its taste. Kamani Oils has been consistently offering a wide spectrum of oils and fats to suit every customer’s needs.

Adding to their wide product range, the company recently launched the Lite range. This range consists of:

– Foodlite
– Pufflite
– K-Lite

An ideal requirement of frying oil is that it should enhance the product flavor and visual appeal while at the same timebenon greasy, reusable, healthy and economical.

With the public attention focused on health, food manufacturers are looking for healthy alternatives. Keeping in mind these parameters in mind the R&D team at Kamani Oils manufactured a 3 in 1 culinary oil– Foodlite which can be used for frying and cooking while at the same time not compromising on the health quotient.

Some of the key features of Foodlite are as follows:

– Low absorption
– High smoke point
– Re-usability
– Non Greasy
– Healthy
– Long Shelf Life

Puffliteon the other hand is a transfree bakery 
shortening, thatcan withstand high ambient

temperature and is characterized by excellent plasticity. An ideal option for healthy khari/puff products, Pufflite contributes to better taste and volume of the products along with adding to its nutritional value due to zero trans and zero cholesterol.

The other product launched is K-Lite which is a premium transfree aerated multipurpose shortening. It can be used for baking items right from cupcakes and cakes to biscuits, brownies and icing. Some of its features include: 

– Taste and Visual Appeal
– Convenience and Cost Saving (multipurpose)
– Health benefits (Transfree)
– Ideal replacement for margarine( giving you spongy and lighter cakes and crumblier and crispier cookies)

Commenting on the launch Mr. Prakash Chawla, Director, Kamani Oil Industries said, “We at Kamani Oil Industries consistently work towards delivering better, healthier and customized oils and fats for food and related industries. The Lite range consists of three main products that can be used by chefs across the country to obtain a palatable, visually appealing and healthy product. We are sure that these products will be well received.”

So remember health is wealth and start taking good care of yourself 🙂
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