Sony Entertainment Network has been the leader in catering to one’s entertainment needs across the globe. Comprising of Sony Entertainment Television (SET); MAX, (India’s premium movies and special events channel); SAB, (a Hindi channel focusing on entertaining modern India) and PIX, (a channel that airs Hollywood movies), MIX (Hindi Music Channel), SIX (Sports Channel), the company has tied up with Mobicule Technologies, a leader in providing innovative solutions on the mobile platform to device a mobile application. This application will enable Sony’s sales force to generate the available advertisements Spots inventory report and view the same on BlackBerry, Android &iOS devices, thereby increasing workforce efficiency.

The earlier model of Sony Entertainment Network included a coordinator, who would assess the ad inventory and communicate the relevant required information to sales team through daily print outs or updates. Sales team did not have direct access to real time information, considering the fact that the sales team was usually on the field. Mobicule Technologies has now developed an interactive application, which is integrated with the backend system, providing all required data to employees via their handheld devices.

The use of this application has several beneficial aspects. It resulted in optimum utilization of available resources and ensures transparency in operation, guaranteeing a seamless operational experience. The application allows data to be updated real time, enhancing productivity, maximizing revenue and increasing time efficiency of the sales team. In addition to making processes quicker, the data is displayed in interactive and graphical representations, making the app user friendly and easy to comprehend. A representative can view a sales revenue graph channel-wise, region-wise, program-wise, executives-wise and the like.

Instead of searching through file cabinets in order to update a customer, the employees at Sony Entertainment Network now have all current data on their mobile phones. What used to take several minutes to an hour can now be done instantly and without dependencies.

Siddharth Agarwal, CEO of Mobicule Technologies said, “We focus our research and developments in the mobile application space to enable companies enhance their efficiency, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Sony entertainment has been known for its innovation and this application provides a competitive mobile edge to their business, enabling access to real time information & track the performance at each level of the sales hierarchy.”

“In the recent past, the entertainment industry has seen a plethora of changes spurred by the use of latest technologies. We at Sony Entertainment Network believe in innovation along with the strategic directions in availing information for the right people at the right place in the right time. With this application we have been able to achieve desired excellence which has a catapulting effect on user’s delight.” said Mr. Ajay Kumar Meher, CIO at Sony Entertainment Network.
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