List of .edu websites that allow comments

Do you have a website/blog however no viewer, this issue happens just when you keep tabs on written work on your blog and give less thoughtfulness regarding making backlinks. Unique content is your bridge, and traffic is like vehicles running on the bridge, both have their own importance to get better SEO. So to improve standing in Google you need to make quality backlinks for your blog/website. Google acknowledges the educational sites as an impeccable wellspring of data and .edu sites are permitted to instructive organizations just so that the backlinks from the instruction sites are the valuable connection for any blog. As Google lists all the links and connections on Educational site to their directory.

How to free link on 1000 .edu website

Education backlinks are like the aces in a pack of cards. So below we are providing the long list of .edu websites and the method are very simple to link your blog to them. Open each link one by one on daily basis, do not act greedy and get into a hurry to make quality backlinks, and at any cost do not spam because you would need long term link from these websites.
Simply sign-up or comment on any post, article or below any page according to the topic. Some pages do not allow direct linking to them so you need to find the blog or news page and then comment below the post section.  So here is the .edu websites list to get free back links or download it.

Improve PageRank with .edu backlinks

Winter in the Central Garden

Download more than 1000 .edu blog backlinks list here. (.txt file)
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  1. Thanks for sharing this Nikhil.
    .Edu & .Gov are the best backlink sources to boost your page.
    I will let you know how it goes.

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