Samsung has announced the launch of four new Smart Cameras in the WB series for the Indian market. The new line-up which includes the WB35F, WB50F, WB350F and WB1100F offers a perfect blend of stylish design, superb image quality and next-generation sharing capability, offering photographers of all abilities a great way to capture and share their world.

The new WB family of cameras boasts the latest Smart Connectivity features, equipped with NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities so that sharing images with friends and family is easier and more enjoyable. The brand new Tag & Go feature takes sharing to an entirely new level as it seamlessly connects the cameras with smartphones by touching the two devices together, no configuration is required. With no manual set up required, an array of features are activated which make it simple to transfer, share and back up images. This includes Photo Beam, which immediately transfers the image being viewed on the camera to a smartphone or tablet, while AutoShare saves images straight to the device in real time, removing the burden of manually backing up pictures. Furthermore, Remote Viewfinder offers greater flexibility when setting up shots, as the camera can be controlled via a smartphone to act as a viewfinder, as well as providing access to a host of manual settings, while Mobile Link allows the transfer of selected images to smartphones, making sharing quick and easy.

Sasmung Cameras

The new cameras also come pre-loaded with a suite of standard Smart Mode and Smart Auto Mode features, allowing the photographer to capture the most stunning photographs wherever they are with an unparalleled level of customization and functionality. Smart Mode allows for a number of different customization and personalization settings to be used by photographers. Smart Auto analyses shooting environments and selects the most optimal settings for any situation.

SMART Camera WB35F

The Samsung WB35F was created for ambitious photography enthusiasts that want an affordable device with imaging capabilities. It comes in four different colors (black, red, white and purple) and the 67.5mm (2.7-inch) QVGA LCD screen helps for easy and simple control of navigation, letting photographers focus on shooting, editing and sharing the exciting moments that make up their lives.

The WB35F boasts of an 12X optical zoom and 16MP CCD sensor, allowing photographers to capture stunning images in sharp definition and vibrant color. Additional capabilities of the device includes Live Panorama mode in which users can automatically activate panoramic image capture by simply spanning the device from side to side. In addition, there is a video mode capability in which users can capture HD video recordings in HD quality.

SMART Camera WB50F

With a soft flash and charming design, the WB50F is the best camera that the whole family can enjoy. It is sleek and stylish, with a clear 12x optical zoom, a 16MP CCD sensor and bouncing soft flash that allows photographers to create images that are soft and naturally lit as well as those that are bright, light and crisp. Samsung’s WB50F also has a 75.0mm (3.0-inch) HVGA LCD screen that makes navigation easier.

The Samsung WB50F was created with the style conscious and aesthetically-aware photographer at heart. It comes in four different colors including white, black and red, and its sleek design will appeal to those who want a camera to be both a fashion accessory and photography device.

SMART Camera WB350F

People who want to capture and share powerful and unique images can now do so with the impressively equipped Samsung WB350F SMART Camera. This state of the art compact zoom camera comes with 21x optical zoom capabilities and a 23mm Wide Angle lens as standard, allowing users to create images with striking depth and detail. The WB350F is also furnished with an impressive 16MP BSI CMOS sensor. This eliminates the need to use a flash at inopportune moments or at events – as the superior sensor needs less light than its conventional counterparts, without sacrificing image quality. You can use Tag&Go, Wi-Fi and NFC just like the above mentioned cameras and the camera is also capable of uploading images directly to Dropbox.

Another facet of the device is its ability to capture Full HD video recordings at 30 frames a second, while the 75.0mm (3.0-inch) hVGA Hybrid Touch LCD Screen allows users to watch their recordings back in impressive definition while also allowing for simple and intuitive navigation through both controls and text entry. The various smart modes that are standard with the WB350F demonstrate how Samsung is responding to the increasing demand for in-device editing and personalization focused on the individual end-user. Capabilities such as Dual Capture and Baby Monitor let WB350F owners to use the device in a number of different ways that suit their specific needs. The Samsung WB350F is the ideal companion for those who want an elegant and impressively equipped camera. Its compact and well-designed leather-feel device shell comes in five striking colors and houses a suite of state-of-the-art settings and technology. The WB350F will be available in White, Black, Brown, Red and Blue.

Samsung SMART Camera WB1100F

The WB1100F brings users up close and personal with the subject of their compositions with its 35x Optical zoom capabilities coupled with the device’s 25mm wide angle lens. The new camera allows owners to capture both depth and breadth in stunning clarity and detail. Building on the device’s impressive zoom abilities, Samsung has developed and fitted the WB1100F with a Speed Control Key that allows users to move through the various levels of zoom with speed and ease. This ensures that fleeting moments are captured in deep zoom detail and not missed while focusing in on the action. The Speed Control Key can be used to activate both the zoom capability and Panorama mode which creates beautiful panoramic images in crisp and clear detail.

The Samsung WB1100F is designed for adventurous photographers who want to zoom into striking moments and share their creations with friends and family instantly. Its comfortable grip allows for use in every situation, and the device’s state of the art design will appeal to the most design conscious camera enthusiasts. The WB1100F will be available in Black and Red.

The WB35F is priced at Rs.12,490/- while the WB50F, WB350F and the WB1100F are available for Rs. 14,990/-, Rs.21,490/- and Rs. 20,990/- respectively. With the addition of these new models, Samsung’s Digital Still Cameras portfolio, Samsung now has a complete lineup of 9 digital cameras priced between Rs. 7,190/- to Rs.58,900/-.

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