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Intelligence is often defined as our intellectual potential; something we are born with, something that can be measured and a capacity that is difficult to change. That said, how many of you really think or believe that you are aptitude is not in the field you are right now into. Do you feel also that it would have been great if there was way to tell you what career path to choose, what field to get into or for that matter what course to do.

What if we tell you that there is way! No need to rub your eyes as we have experienced it and its absolutely magical. We are not talking about going to a counsellor or a psychiatrist for a session to figure it out.

All right people, brace yourselves as we are going to show you the best way to analyse your career path in less than 20 mins. The super method comes to you in a form of an Android App by Pearl Academy. Its also India’s First App based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’ to help students identify their best career options.

We were the few lucky ones to test the app and would like to explain how it works:

  1. Head to the Android Market aka Google Play and download PAT app
  2. Once the PAT app is download & installed, open the app and register yourself
  3. Registration involves basic information like name, address, email etc
  4. After the registration is completed, you will get an option to take the test
  5. Click on take the test and answer 104 simple questions, the responses to which will shape the customized detailed report that would reveal your “dominating intelligence” out of eight basic ones
  6. Finally click submit and a detailed analysis report on the following parameters is shared with the students: linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence. According to the answers, the best 3 career option based on the detailed description on top 3 dominant intelligences and relevant career options will be sent across to their e-mail

If you don’t have an Android device, don’t worry. You can take the Pearl Aptitude Test here

PAT App Review

The result would look something like this but that’s just a part of it, the complete result is a 6 paged PDF file:

pat score

With each initiative, Pearl Academy has proved its innovative approach and how the education system can be bettered in our country. Specially by providing the Pearl Aptitude Test platform for free, they have started a revolution. They could have easily generated a lot of revenue out of it like the other Aptitude Test’s are in the country but they chose to keep it for free.

At this point of time, it may not to be passport for you to get into colleges but we hope that it soon becomes a channel for that. In the end I’d want each one of you take the test and before that visit the to know the components of the PAT.

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