fashion blunders

At times, the stars get their outfits so wrong that they make us unintentionally make a face, or yell, or sometimes feel a need to embrace them. It’s those moments that make us go “oh honey, you shouldn’t have”. Whether it’s an unflattering color, length or fabric, or just a matter of not dressing for their body type (don’t get us wrong — we’re all for diversity!), these celebrities really should have thought twice before leaving the house. Simply hanging a Hermes Birkin bag doesn’t mean anything else will go automatically with it.

Bhavna Pandey is a proof in the pudding. A striped blue jersey dress, an orange bag and brown shoes; Please choose your colours wisely! 7f55a27e-89a1-480d-980a-531702cfc475_BHAVNA-PANDEY (1) Zarine Khan’s passion for animal print is quite visible. The carpet connoisseur looks much like she’s wearing one of her own rugs. So much for black being slimming. 9a66a393-cfb1-4b60-91f0-f2a7a7a607a6_IMG_7790 We’re all for a skin show, but when it’s done the right way! Check out theatre actor Divya Palat’s most recent red carpet appearance. THIS! Spanx is meant to be every woman’s secret weapon but unfortunately, here, it looks like a pair of erroneously place bicycle shorts. While husband Aditya Hitkari paints a dapper picture you can’t help but get distracted by 6d6a4e22-866f-448d-9583-9e5280e6d93c_Divya-Palat e9ba42ff-e1eb-4c0b-983d-d1046299372e_Divya-palat2

Poonam Dhillon is not new in this list! A tad too short, combined with tacky accessories, this whole look fell flat. :/ eaec39e4-1b87-46a6-b5bc-288b944922cb_Poonam-Dhillon1 Designer to the stars Neeta Lulla shocked us when she turned up in what looked like a blue cloak and wide leg black pants. How about practicing what you preach, or rather sell? 😉 fe20d27b-ab4d-4fd0-9d4b-73fe298c4e38_Neeta-Lulla Look who we found trolling the red carpet in her hotel room bedsheet. It looks like actress Tilda Swinton has given up on designers and decided to drape herself in bed linen instead. Point powder blue pumps are the nail in her fashion coffin. 32cc338a-36f0-4ede-813c-2ebc20abbcd9_TildaSwinton-030513-jpg_235308 You’ve got to hand it to. Only Sandeep Soparrkar could attempt pull off this Chinese satin shirt, with jeans and scary red shoes. Sadly he crashed and burned. 0ac522a9-3569-474d-833d-9a700d562a01_IMG_9285 Yes, we know Anu Malik isn’t exactly the most fashionable person around, but the musician took his wardrobe to a whole new level when he turned up for an art exhibition. Artists are a chilled out lot, but wearing gym shorts is a strict no-no. Someone get him some pants please! cd18aaab-542d-4e1a-bb82-1ec55f2bbbf7_Anu-Malik Suchitra Krishnamoorthy is normally a pretty face, a recent spotting of the former actress had us worried. This one-shoulder outfit looked in dire need of a good steam iron and some styling. c9f98408-d7f5-4257-a5af-fc595e1a02f3_Suchitra Our winner for this weeks most bizarre outfit: Kate Moss. Yes, you’re a supermodel and you have the world’s longest pins, but hey, forgetting your pants at home ain’t an option Kate! e835d55e-717d-4e77-bee6-adc640d6869a_KateMoss-030513-jpg_235305 The recently married Urvashi Sharma looked like she’s already settled into marital bliss at a recent event. The model turned up in what looked like pajamas and a throw. Go figure! 42a5de8c-89c0-415d-9f55-31e648287f0d_Sucheta-Sharma Welcome to the jungle! Socialite Kaykasshan Patel’s animal overkill is about to have PETA up in arms. KISS is the key. Keep It Simple Silly! 23c25b28-8e0a-444a-80bd-03aff5cb6b4d_KEHKASHAN-PATEL Sarah Jane Dias’ maxi-ish dress looks much like a carbon sheet rubbed on a white canvas. Paired with indigo pumps, this look is sketchy at its best. c0be733e-c9c7-4372-87f0-77c62faf53af_Sarah-Jane-Dias Ooh look Marc Jacobs is having a pajama party at a front row showing! The fashion designer lost the key to his hotel suite, by the looks of it, at a recent fashion week. Don’t even try to pass this off as cool. :p 12fa86d0-69b6-47b9-b168-254d94ea1d03_MarcJacobs-030613-jpg_235301 Well if you have any more celebs that we can add here then share them with us in the comments section 🙂

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