WeChat always makes our special days even more special. And this Father’s Day WeChat has introduced new exciting father’s day stickers. As fathers hold a very special place in our lives, while we all love our fathers dearly, at times we may forget to express this love These exciting stickers showcase emotions and gestures which we associate with fathers.

WeChat Stickers

Given how awkward and difficult it gets at times to express affection, especially towards fathers, these stickers present a wonderful opportunity to showcase gratitude towards fathers. As they say a picture speaks a thousand words, these stickers capture images which say ‘Love You Dad’, ‘Super Dad’, ‘My Dad, My Hero’ etc. We all experience these emotions towards our dad’s while growing up but more often than not we fail to express them. WeChat’s cool new stickers, gives everyone a chance to wish their dad’s a happy father’s day, without having to say much.

WeChat has always been a frontrunner in immortalizing special occasions like Diwali, Holi, Women’s Day etc. through interesting stickers. All these stickers have been widely acknowledged and loved by WeChat users across India. This is a part of WeChat on-going commitment to provide a unique and a holistic social communication experience to its users.

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