Email.Biz, an innovative premium and personalized email service, brings yet another revolution in the email landscape with its free website offer. When you sign up for any free or paid email id you automatically get your own free website e.g with email id nikhil@email.biz , website nikhil.email.biz comes free. You can also attach your facebook account to pull your profile info along with pictures on your page. You can also customize it to add other information and tools.

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Speaking about the new feature, Mr. Anshul Goyal, MD, Email.Biz said, “Email.Biz has always focused the aspirations of its patrons and has gone an extra mile to meet them. Email id is no more just a tool of communication, it has become a style statement. It is a representation of one’s personality. So we have given our patrons a myriad of options to customize their email id and make a perfect expression. We have extended the website feature to our customers to give them a bigger canvas to express themselves.”

Anshul was recently awarded the “Business Wizard” for IT by Mr. Prakash Singh Badal, CM, Punjab. In a world where almost every imaginable business idea had already been thought of and tried out, the only way to beat competition was to think in a new direction. This is the ultimate test of entrepreneurship that Anshul Goyal passed with flying colours with the development of Email.biz. The idea of creating a premium and personalized email service germinated in his mind couple of years back and today his idea is creating ripples in the webmail space.

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