The Pursuit of Perfect Sound

Sennheiser has announced the launch of its digital campaign -The Pursuit of Perfect Sound. The Pursuit of Perfect Sound campaign will showcase the journey of achieving the perfect sound, be it live or studio sound, of some of India’s leading musicians who also endorse the brand, such as Farhan Akhtar, Shankar Ehsan Loy, Salim Sulaiman, Papon, Raghu Dixit, Swarathma, Shantanu Hudlikar and Ashish Manchanda through video montages. Sennheiser has been one of the pioneers in building India’s professional audio industry and consumer headphone category. Sennheiser has offered professional audio products which have been a perfect blend of great engineering and unmatched design, thereby making it one of the most trusted and desired brands in the country. This video montage is created by Sennheiser along with renowned artists from the music industry.

The Pursuit of perfect sound

Commenting on the launch Mr. Vipin Pungalia, VP – Sales & Marketing, Professional Segment, Sennheiser Electronics India Pvt Ltd.said“Sennheiser is a name synonymous with perfection when it comes to sound quality and premium music experience. We have been continuously innovating to create the best audio experience for our consumers and in the process have made several loyalists who swear by our brand. This initiative is an effort to present some of their stories as a testimony to Sennheiser’s commitment to its legacy of innovation and brand promise of pursuit of perefct sound.“

Expressing his excitement, Bollywood actor and Director, Farhan Akhtar said,“Perfect sound is someting that resonates within you and makes you feel a certian way. It is something that changes the way you are feeling in the moment and to achieve that perfect sound I use Sennheiser 2000 series. It makes me comfortable at my sound checks and even more before I go on the stage because I am assured that everything I do on the stage would be deciphered in best possible way that i would like it to be. These are obivously  important tools to convey your joy to the audience and for them to accept it in a way that they can accept it in the wholesome way“.

It’s a known fact the world over musicians prefer Sennheiser, have a look at this video:

“Every individual has got a database of emotions within them and we express that through music. The Sennheiser SKM 2000 series microphones have become a part of me because I have got used to holding that mic and now I don’t feel comfortable without it. Also, the Sennheiser wireless units came as a blessing to us because it ensures that there is no loss of sound. Ehsaan, Loy and I are really happy to be associated with Sennheiser for so many years.“ said renowned singer and composer, Shankar Mahadevan.

The Pursuit of Perfect Sound campaign will offer Sennheiser a platform to engage with customers on a digital platform and also give customers to get an insight into the lives of their favourite musicians and know their story behind their pursuit of perfect sound.

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